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So I went in to get a physical and a blood panel done to ensure that my new diet was not causing any problems. I was also interested in my T level as I have been aware for some time that I had many of the symptoms of low T but just didn't want to deal with it. I have a very big change happening in the next year career wise and that is what kicked me into gear to get fit and healthy.

-describe body and facial hair
No body hair, facial hair is very slow growing and not full.
-describe where you carry fat
Most of my fat is in around my waist and gut.
-health conditions, symptoms [history]
Very little to report. Always been healthy.
-Rx and OTC drugs
-lab results with ranges
Test Total- 336 (250-1100 ng/dl)
Test Free- 54.7 (35.0-155.0 pg/ml)
TSH- 1.70 (0.40-4.50 MIU/L)
-describe diet
Started a Keto diet on June 22 2015. Started at 245lb and am down now to 224. 20 carbs, 138 Fat and Protein 111 per day with cal at 1780. I monitor my intake very close.
-describe training
Started riding a bike the same day I started the diet. Riding between 8 and 16 miles per day depending on how I feel.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever?
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
Very rare. During sex I find it takes longer to get up and faster to go down. Has been declining over the last 2 years.

When the Doctor called with my results she simply stated that my results where in range and I had nothing to worry about. When I asked her about my severe lack of energy and my lack of desire to do... anything really, Including sex. She offered me a anti depressant and said I was a bit low on Vitamin D. I did discuss all of the symptoms that I had been experiencing with her at the beginning of the exam. I hate feeling the way I do. I love to hike and camp and shoot, I love to get out and do things and now it's all I can do to hop on the bike and ride 4-5 days a week.

So what is my next step here?

KSman is Here

Please post the rest of your lab work with ranges. You should have copy from doc.

Do not take the AD meds now.

Vit-D3, take 5000 iu [tiny oil based caps]

Your T levels are low.

Please read these stickies:

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  • things that damage your hormones
  • finding a TRT doc

We need to find the cause of your low T. Low T is the symptom, not the disease.

fasting total cholesterol
fasting glucose

TSH should be closer to 1.0
Could be elevated by iodine deficiency. Are you using iodized salt? For a long time?
Check oral body temperatures:

  • when you first wake up, should be 97.7-97.8, higher OK, 97.3 is a problem
  • see if you hit 98.6 mid-afternoon
  • more info in thyroid basics sticky