Shawne Merriman's Offseason

[quote]loz800m wrote:
muscle milk causes positive tests[/quote]

Do you have any proof of this?

[quote]djrobins wrote:
It is true, there were and are some supplements rumoured to have amounts of the real “stuff”!

Was the case in the 70,80,90’s and occasionally today[/quote]

Key word: rumored

I would like to know which products SUPPOSEDLY have AAS in them. I realize that there can be false positives, but I would like to know which products have the real “stuff”(excluding prohormones). Is there any proof of this? I mean come on people. Bonds didn’t know they were shooting “the clear” in him, he thought he was getting B12. Somebody accidentally put winstrol in Rafeal Palmeiro’s cheerios and somebody put Deca in Shawne Merriman’s Muscle Milk or maybe it was his NO2 explode. With all the hoopla going around about steroids, I seriously doubt supplement companies are spiking their products with dbol or nandrolone with the potential for huge lawsuits. If you beleive these B.S. excuses these athletes and their attorneys are using for coming up positive then you are being played.

[quote]loz800m wrote:
muscle milk causes positive tests[/quote]

So does Deca…

What really pisses me off is that these guys get a second chance at all. If you can’t understand the rules how will you ever learn a playbook?

There are maybe 5 players that come out of college each year that are really standout. The rest are talented guys that just plain work their butts off for what they get.

For almost every idiot taking a banned substance there’s 50 equally talented guys out there driving a UPS truck to pay the bills and busting their ass in the gym, on the track, just begging for a chance. Given the chance, they’d take Merriman’s place, keep their nose clean, and in a year you’d forget you ever heard of Shawne Merriman.

[quote]jumper wrote:
loz800m wrote:
muscle milk causes positive tests

Do you have any proof of this? [/quote]

Muscle Milk formerly had Insulin Growth Factor 1 (or something like that) in it. This was an NCAA banned substance. I believe they have now changed the ingredients. It would not (even before the changed) have produced a positive test for what showed up in Merriman.

If you look at the economics of putting these substances in supplements, I doubt if the manufacturers could afford to sell them at their prices if they contained enough of anything to be detected.

Seriously, he should’ve stuck with those EAS shakes like Vernon Davis did. They’re ‘NFL approved’, you know.