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Shawne Merriman's Offseason



Merriman is now up to 270lbs and he's even leaner than he was last year.

He's going to be scary this year.


yeah that dude is gonna be a monster this year. 270 and explosive speed, damn!



Hes an absolute fuckin monster.

Anyone have that compilation video of all his hits?


and now we know how.....


Heres a couple I found on youtube.


He uses flax seed oil.


Ha! Kudos to you for diggin this up!


It was the nutritional supplements, honest ; )


I got freakin pissed and wanted to throttle his agent through the screen. That motherfucker saying "I don't know of a player in the league that doesn't use supplements. What they don't realize is that they're risking their careers" just gives ammo to feed all the anti-supplement lobbyists out there.
Granted he is telling the truth in a roundabout way. We know that the majority of players in the NFl are using steroids, so if you just call them supplements than his statement is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, that's not how the average viewer is going to see it.


I agree. Just fucking fess up and admit you took illegal shit instead of saying you took a "supplement," because pretty soon the government is going to get involved and before you know it, all legal supplements will be discontinued.


I agree about the crying about "supplements".
I assumed a smart football player (or baseball, whatever) these days would just use growth hormone, some test but not enough to get it above the 4:1 ratio (I think that's the ratio the nfl uses but haven't checked), and some insulin. That way they won't ever test positive and can be huge, strong, and fast.

I would like to see the nfl drug free but it sure would be different. 220 lb. linebackers running 4.9 40s, 180 lb. wide receivers ruuning 4.6s like in the 1950s, fat 260 pound linemen, etc.


What was really funny was Howie Long yesterday telling all the young athletes that there are PROTEIN supplements that can cause a positive steriod test. It was so funny to see every announcer come to his side and speak volumes about how they don't think he would ever lie and he is an honorable guy and is basically the victim in this whole deal. Poor Shawne didn't know that they put Deca in his protien shake. At least he isn't as dramatic as Palmeiro and Bonds in his lies.


I was a little shocked to see this but not totally I just don't remember him being this much of a monster in college,I mean he was good but all of a sudden he has this HUGE combine and jumps up in the draft and all of the sudden he's the best defensive player in the league. With that being said he's still a hell of a lot of fun to watch.


It really isn't the end of the world. Last I heard he got a four game suspension. A four game suspension for violation of the drug policy is a very minor punishment. From now on he will be more careful with his use, and he shouldn't have another problem.

It would be naive to think that NFL players weren't using steroids.


bs shawne was an absolute freak in college, anyone who saw him play would tell you that.


I thought Long actually said that the supplement Merriman was taking was tested and D-Bol was found in it.

Does anyone else remember this?


Unfortunately, there is only one supplement company approved by the NFL. You risk millions taking anything else. So basically, you're an idiot if you get caught, knowing there are random drug tests. Put someone else in there who will obey the rules and stay clean.


muscle milk causes positive tests


It is true, there were and are some supplements rumoured to have amounts of the real "stuff"!

Was the case in the 70,80,90's and occasionally today


just a thought, but either maryland has the best s&c program in the world, or their kids are doing something funny.

example: vernon davis. you all know him. you all know what he can do

another example: gerrick mcpherson. a widely unknown corner drafted this past year by the giants, if im not mistaken. he ran a 4.21 laser 40, had a bench of 385, and squats 515 at 175 lbs. that is something else.