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Shawn Rhoden Charged with Rape?

So not banned?

Bold / brave. But right.

Yeah looks like they’re backing off a bit. Bold move but I believe the correct one at the moment.

I agree. It’s very fishy.

Nobody should be banned from earning a living based on an accusation. Innocent til proven otherwise is the main rule of law. Otherwise innocent people suffer due to spiteful people.



“Not admissable in court”. I’m sure Shawn Rhoden has the body awareness and control to be able to pass any “lie detector” test. Also if he really passed these tests shortly after the incident then why would he be arrested after almost a year of investigation?

Sorry, but I’m more inclined to believe the victim.

Alleged victim


I believe evidence.

People (on both “sides”) lie. Evidence can not.

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The evidence shows that he had sexual contact with her. The determination now is whether or not it was consensual.

I think that’s pretty much it. I don’t have all the details, but supposedly she didn’t claim anything until almost a full year later?


The articles I read and videos I watched say the victim went to police immediately, the investigation took almost a year.

Ahhhh ok.


Based on the evidence .
First example- they have DNA evidence of sex. So the complaintaint must have gone to the cops quickly. If she did - there are some pretty accurate examinations that can be carried out to establish if the sex was forced.
Like wise post and pre event texts and or other communication. Post event behaviour. It’s a biggest picture. And not straight forward. I feel sorry for every "innocent " party involved

I remember videos from both NSP and RxMuscle there is mention of reported vaginal trauma consistent with forced or very rough sexual intercourse.

The victim reported to police immediately, DNA evidence linking Rhoden to sexual contact and vaginal trauma consistent with rape was found. This basically checks all the rape boxes and I believe the victim.

That is for the court to decide not some random person who doesn’t have all the facts.



My understanding is that the DNA was recovered from her breasts in the form saliva.