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Shawn Ray’s War on Dorian Yates

Stumbled upon this. Great little retrospect of their battles in the 90’s


Shawn Ray had great aesthetics, but lost because Dorian

was twice his size.

I thought some of the backstage stories were interesting, I’ve always thought there was far more politics in judging than most people think

I actually remember reading in old issues of Flex accounts of Shawn having little hissy fits backstage, and always finding something to complain about. It’s interesting to hear him look back decades later, but you can tell that certain events still don’t sit well with him no matter how friendly he’s become with Dorian.

Ever hear of the book Muscle Wars by Rick Wayne? Its an amazing read for anyone curious about the behind the scenes and early (earlier?) days of the sport.


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Good to see a lot of pent up bitterness has gone from Shawn.

He’s likely not on as much gear currently - probably helps tone that down a bit.