shawn ray/ no steroids?

I recently read an article that was reviewing the 2001 Mr.O and when speaking of Shawn Ray the author stated that “He has built and maintained a classic physique unmarred by steroid abuse.” Is the author implying that Shawn doesn’t use steroids or that he just doesn’t abuse them like some other pros. Because if he’s natural, then I would definitely be blown away and change my whole opinion about how much chemical assistants it takes to reach the pinnacle of bodybuilding. Any thoughts?

No that guy is bigger & stronger than me so he must be on drugs.

No, Drax, he’s a professional bodybuilder so he must be on drugs. Big difference. Why are you dragging this little agenda of yours all over the forum? Just let it go man.

I’m going to assume that Drax was just showin’ us his “humor”. However, I thing “abused” and “steroid-free” are two different terms. I believe that Shawn Ray was/is using drugs - he’s just not hounding them like the current Pros.

Ok Drax, it’s no secret, proffesional bodybuilders are roided out. You seem to be carrying a guilty conscience. Have you started roiding or something?

Patricia, I don’t see the difference. Unless he’s using them for legit medical reasons than he’s abusing them. He’s messing around with his endorcine system to be ‘swole up’ and all that.

mr tolerant-shawn ray’s job is a being a pro bb. Steroid use comes with that job.
it is obvious by his physique he does not abuse steroids.

Ooops, sorry, I meant “think” not “thing”. And I do KNOW that there is no difference between “using” and “abusing”. However, Shawn is using the old classic BB “BS” in his reasoning behind using 'roids - if this original post is correct.

Shawn Ray is a bodybuilder??? My goodness.

Steve it is actually the reverse. His body is to a large part (not all) to the use of steroids. Please noone respond trying to convince me that steroids only helped him “top off the package.” I know plenty of folks who after years of hardcore training got on the gear. Dramatic changes. No light user or non user will crack the Top 10. The levels of use and multitude of chemicals being used is staggering. Well, I suppose it could change if judges would vote for bodybuilders and not bodychemists.

You guys know I’m sort of a “fan” of Ray (or a better term would be one who respects what he’s done in the insane, crazy world of Iron …so not a fanatic). Love him or hate him…he’s survived 20 plus years, made money from it, and is still going strong, Baby! my Granddaddy would say “some people on this board ain’t been PISSIN’ twenty years!”. To the point:

John Brown (2 times Mr. Universe; 3 times Mr.World), Shawn’s first Professional trainer and long time friend, had some interesting things to say about Ray; 1)He has NEVER seen anybody’s muscles respond as rapidly and “beautifully” to weight as Ray (genetics). He would literally win Teen contest so lopsidedly that they often would not even have a call out. 2)He had never seen anyone as focused and dedicated to ANY pursuit as Ray. 3)Added to these advantages, he STARTED with a hard, athletic physique from his sports background.

The point? Very early on (and CERTAINLY now),I think that Ray found no reason to pump his body full of the polypharmacy, Synthol and narcotics of today’s behemouths. He also has stated publicly that he is lucky enough to make a good living without risking his health.

Does this answer the original question? Not completely…of COURSE Ray has used the Juice in his career (and probably still does a “mild” periodic cycle… mild compared to the amounts of a lot of competitors) but most LIKELY not to the levels of severely risking his health. SO…AT LEAST IN THIS PARTICUAR CASE…I see a difference in “use” and “abuse”…

I admit some bias…but that’s just my take…

I suppose it is merely a disagreement on what is to abuse or not abuse. Is that Shakespeare? To abuse or not to abuse? Yeah I know, bad pun. Of course it’s a personal definition. I should have held my tounge so forgive me. I don’t want to start down a path of arguement. Arguements of this nature (use of steroids0 are always futile so I withdraw my statement and ask that they be stricken from the record. To be clear, however, I don’t think any less of a person for their use of steroids. I was merely thinking in terms of strict medical terms.

steroids are one peice of the puzzle.
genetics,training,focus or drive, and nutrition are the others.
To use an example from John Davies, its like a wheel. You need all parts to be successful.
You need to open your eyes.

I never said it was the only part steve, just a large part.

So…you see, it’s true: you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Shawn Ray is a silk purse. His genetics are indeed superior for that of bodybuilding. And I really don't think he has resorted to that synthol crap like most of the pros these days. But for him to have even an inkling of competitive potential in Pro Bodybuilding, he had to use drugs.

Now, I wish most pro bodybuilders could be as open and honest about it as was Mike Matarazzo (when he was here in Portland one year), he openly admitted about the drug issue.

pro’s admit their drug use, its like wwf used to be. They will admit it, just off the record.
I disagree that sauce is a large part of being a pro.
Shawn Ray is like 5 7, His natural weight as a regular guy would be around 160. With his training and nutrition, probably about 205. Then add in the juice, another 15 pounds.
This is just an estimate, but is theoretically right.
Juice helps, but it’s not the biggest factor.

Juice or no juice, Shawn Ray has one of the best looking physiques ever. He’s large, balanced, athletic-looking, hard as diamonds (usually) and everything else that goes into the making of a fantastic physique. In addition to all that, he’s been one of the handful of top world competitors for the last decade and a half. There aren’t too many athletes (in any sport) that can say that. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s certainly worked for him.

I think the key word is “unmarred.” He uses steroids but doesn’t have the scars that some pros show.

Use is objective, abuse is subjective. Who cares how he got where he got? He’s there. Outstanding physique. I see the traditional BB’er physique as silly, and its die hard followers as a tad on the homo side. The end in a subjective sport justifies the means.

Come on, are you people that wrapped in hero worship? The guy isn’t a light juicer. Maybe he does have great genetics, but he damn sure wouldn’t be close to what he looks like now without the Juice. Give me a break. A good first cycle can get an experienced lifter 20 pounds. Even more! I swear my friggin head is going to explode. In fact, I don’t consider them bodybuilders anymore. They’re bodychemists like someone else said. Any one ever seen Dorian’s early lifting Photos? I have. He was lean, that’s it. You would never say oh yeah that guy is going to be huge. Maybe atheletic, but not huge. Then of course he discovered bigger dosages, stacking, etc. Remeber Dorian’s first olympia? Remember the second and third? All of freakin sudden he’s gained a shit load of weight and a belly. Imagine that! It’s chemistry on exhibit, nothing more. They are not atheletes, it is not a sport, it is a carnival freak show.