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Shawn Lattimer Banned From WPO!


here is a post from Latt off grow or die:

"Just so everyone knows, I will not be attending the Arnold Classic bench comp. In fact, I will not be lifitng in the WPO or APF any longer.

Kieran Kidder has made a rash, unthinking decision, and thrown me out of both organizations. He sent me several very nasty, insulting emails on the subject, that I will not post due to the extreme vulgarity.

Why did he throw me out? I sent him an email asking why his internet posts were so rude towards the WPO lifters. I was polite, and trying to understand and be helpful. I recieved threats, insults, and outright fictional accounts of my performance.

Of course, like all humans, I have had some less than perfect moments, and unfortunately, one of them happened in public. But, as many who really know me can say, I try to be a good person, and I do my best to support this sport and others in it. I will continue to do so, with or without the WPO/APF.

So, I will be taking a different route in powerlifting in the near future. Kidder may think he rules powerlifting, but he is, in fact, simply a guy with some money who is on an ego trip. I won't let someone like that get in the path of my success.

So that is the story, in case anybody wanted to know.

Shawn Lattimer"

This is such bull shit. KK is such an egotistical asshole and really doesn't deserve to be running that organization. But Latt is one of the nicest guys in PLing and I wish him the best.


Shawn Lattimer is a very helpful guy on most internet forums.


He posts on this forum semi-regularly.

Does anyone know what this is about and/or what was the "Less than perfect moment" in question?


Here is a quote from KK the WPO pres on another board, Im sure they are linked...................

"The AC WRBB is full!! If you have not been contacted by mail or phone about competing in Columbus you have not been invited. Through me Pam has told several lifters who have asked about benching at the AC that the meet is full. Even though they have been told no by Pam they think by calling/bothering me that they I will say yes. Well I won't!! So stop calling me!! If you have a history of bombing out you will not be invited period!! Believe me I know who you are too. I'm sick busting my ass to trying get sponsorship when 40% of the benchers bomb out. It's embarrassing!! I have been watching the video of Chicago BB$Cash meet and it makes me want to puke!! If that contest happend at the AC it wouldn't suprise me if Mr. Lorimer asked the WPO to never come back to Columbus again. So when you see new lifters whoever they might be at the AC it's because I want the best lifters out there who are most likely to make 2 attempts, and not bomb. I'm sick of this, "I can't bench 500 without a shirt, but I'll open with 750 and maybe I'll get it mentality!!" If your not invited it's because that's the type of lifter I think you are. So stop calling me!!

KK APF/WPO Prez. "


'roid rage at a hotel... lol


Man if he acts like that in real life he ain't getting laid. He needs to learn to relax.


Roid rage is a myth, so maybe you could just deliver factually what happened, if you know. Otherwise, I'm sure Shawn has a lot on his mind and doesn't need rumors popping up about "roid rage".


That was a joke. I think he head butted/punched a hole in the wall during a meet because he fucked up.


Not that I'm saying this is the case here, but---

roid rage is no 'myth.'

Because you take steroids does not mean you will automatically go into a rage, but the fact remains that it does come with some possibly aggresive side effects. It most generally is associated with a personality propensity, but it is certainly aggrivated by use.

As to the thread, who cares what his indiscretion may have been. None of us are perfect.

As to him not lifting, who cares. There exist several options for PL'rs and Shawn doesn't seem to upset about it so why would most anyone else.


lattimer was always a good person to me ive never met him in person but anyone who is able to take time out of their day to give another person FREE advice when they get paid to do so is definately a MAN in my book best wishes to him


Lattimer is one of the biggest people on the planet. His eyebrows bench more than me. Best of luck to him. It is the WPO and APF's loss, not his.


I agree. He has also worked with me via email and a little bit on here. I did purchase his time to make me a routine based on my own weaknesses and I wouldn't take it back if I could.

I got much more than a routine. He was also going to help me out with my bench shirt at a competition that I was going to, that he was also going to be at, but I ended up not going for personal reasons, but I will use the program again, get great results again, and hopefully actually compete this time.

He has always treated people with patients and understood where newbies were coming from.

He just seems to enjoy helping other people come into his sport and he's definitely a great role-model for it.


Kieran's problem is that he's treating this like the dictatorship that it actually is, and he's flying off the handle. You can't run an organization like that. If there were other people he had to run things by first, things would go a lot better.

Kicking one of the top benchers out of your org is not the way to go.



Best of luck in all your future endeavors, lifting or otherwise.


On the one hand I can see KK's view. People not familiar with powerlifting don't want to see bomb-outs. That fine and all.

On the other hand, bomb-outs are as much a part of powerlifting as anything else. You really can't have one without the other. Trying to eliminate missed lifts results in lifters having to hit easy weights and shying away from records.

Ah, the choas of sponser money.


I can see his view too - as a lifter, why not plan 1 lift well within your range (say 90% of estimated max with a shirt), 1 at the top of a non-crazy estimated max, and 1 beyond it to set a record? I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to get into a groove before attempting a new record anyway.

That being said, he shouldn't have been banned. Sometimes guys bomb out, it's a fact of life.



Of course everyone, even those in powerlifting, hates to see a lifter bomb out but that is no reason for KK to spout off at the mouth AGAIN! This really isn't the first time he opened his big mouth, only to let something stupid and unprofessional splurge out. From what I understand Latt was very polite in going to KK and explaining that he didn't like the way things were going in the organiaztion and that his posts were very rude. Then KK went off on him, ripping him apart.
I also understand that Jim Lormier, the guy in charge of the Arnold, has gotten the e-mails that were sent to Latt. But I am not quite sure what this means for KK or the WPO at the Arnold.


umm maybe the bar won't touch their chest if their first attempt is too low.


I don't know the personalities involved and am not a close follower of the Plifting scene, but in checking out a recent Powerlifting USA I was really shocked to see the large number of bomb outs at a recent large Bench Press meet (just inside the front cover of the mag - Dec issue I think).

This definitely doesn't seem right, as was pointed out a few posts ago. I don't blame the promoter for being a little pissed about this. It seems like a lot of the competitors are going for "all or nothing".

\Perhaps it has something to do with the shirts... here I plead a little bit of ignorance... I don't really know. To have this many bomb outs does not make for a very good meet.

Not to pick on Lattimer, he posts here and seems like an awesome guy, but if I recall from the mag (it's not in front of me), his opener was very very high (863? I'm going off of memory). Latt was one of the bomb outs... there were a bunch of others. I competed in powerlifting a long time ago and I enjoy following it to a degree. Just my observation.


I actually opened with 903, which I was hitting for triples in the gym prior to the meet. It should have been easy. I simply screwed up. I slipped out of my normal patterns and rushed trying to bring the bar down. I dumped the weight on my chest, hard. I'll try to attacha pic of it.

I was ebtter on my second attempt, but blew out my left tricep. I should have skipped my third lift. Guess I'm too stubborn.

I do in fact agree with the issues around bombing being a problem. However, the very nature of the WPO meets, the qualifying standards, and the cash prizes are what lead to so many lifters bombing. You will always have guys who have an off day, blatantly screw up like I did, etc. But to have all but one lifter bomb is indicating a larger issue.

To have the president of the fed openly insult lifters, and futher insult me directly and ban me from his organizations for questioning him on it, is an even more serious problem.