Shawn Kemp...DAMN!

This is one of those careers that could have been amazing. Unfortunately he got involved with drugs and completely derailed anything he could have attained. He was an absolute monster in transition and in the post. He had an average jumper but he was unstoppable in the post and facing you up. Him and Gary Payton had a blast playing together. Check out the video to see what he use to be…!

Someone should of taught him how to use a condom. I think he has 11 kids with 9 women. Fathers day must be busy for him…

he used to be one of my favorite players, he had a great intensity at times and showed no fear to bang with other bodies. laters pk

he used to be a favorite of mine as well. In fact I think if I looked hard enough I still have his jersey sitting around somewhere. It was all downhill once he left Seattle…

What happened to him?

[quote]oboffill wrote:
What happened to him?[/quote]

If Amare Stoudamire stays healthy, he will be what Kemp shoulda been.

Kemp was playin at the 24 I used to work at 2 or 3 years ago and was every bit of 330lbs. At 6’10 he was handlin like a point and hittin 25 footers like it was his birth right. I don’t think most people know how nice you gotta be to play at that level.