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Shawn 'Future' Bellon's Training Log


I have been a powerlifter for a long time particularly as a raw lifter. The last 6 months I had 5 injuries which derailed my pace to total 2k raw (no knee wraps) in the 275 class. So now I need to take alot of time to refocus, heal, get leaner AND stronger.


Love Saturday Training
Saturday training is great because I can sleep in and also have a couple days off from training. Work is so busy that hitting the gym on Tuesday and Thursday during the work week is enough. So it's almost enjoyable to training on Saturday. Less stressful. I can go at whatever pace I like. No pressure to hurry up and finish so I can get my butt to work.

Tami and I walked into Gold's around 2:30pm. NICE! One of my friends was finishing up his squat workout. He is a truck. The guy has shoulders and back as wide as a barn. He is a firefighter/emt too. Really cool guy. He finished up repping out with 545 on squats and then we chatted. I could tell I was getting too chatty with my DARK RAGE kicking in. He was "shifty" so I could see he needed to get going. He politely said he had a guild meeting to get to. I gave him a puzzled look. He could see my cluelessness and said , ..."for WOW?" I still had the same dumb look possibly dumber. "World of Warecraft?" LIGHT BULB! I laughed, "So you are one of those nerds?" He said it was alot of fun for him and a nice way to unwind. I was immediately hoping my friend realized I was just teasing. Hey, I still watch cartoons. :slight_smile: So my friend took off to finish his training and I started to hunker down with my lifting journal, jam to my SLIPKNOT station on SLACKER and do my active warm ups.


Started off with neutral grip chins. Love this exercise and it seems to really work my back while using my biceps too.

Neutral grip chins:

Bodyweight + 35 x 3 reps x 10 sets

60 sec rest between sets

I was much stronger and more explosive on this exercise. I like that this is a less demanding way to start my training but really gets my momentum to steam roll the rest of my workout.

2a. JM Press on Smith

I switched to a heavier smith but it doesnt stick so it was great. I felt alot of tricep work but nothing on my shoulder which was awesome. My sets were fast and explosive with great control.

245x 6 reps x 4 sets

2b. Alternating Dumbel Curls

I am needing to warm up my shoulder and wrists a bit more for this. Maybe some band work next time. I felt some achiness in my shoulders on these.

55 x 6 reps x 4 sets

2a & 2b were supersetted with 60 seconds to rest between rounds.


This seems to really get me. Tough series but I was determined. As I was loading up the hack squat I was getting more enraged and determined. I was going to do what I do. Nothing was gonna stop me!

3a. Seated Toe Raises

180 x 6 reps x 4 sets

Felt ok on my leg

3b. Seated Ham Curls (Hammer Strength)

115 x 6 reps x 4 sets

Maybe a little too heavy. I don't like how it makes me sorta arch so will try the seat belt next time

3c. Hack Squats

This exercise is mine. Talk about moving some iron!

1000 x 6 reps x 4 sets

This was just stupid easy. Felt great. It was also nice because my wife was watching so showing off is always nice at that point. I think she was Facebook the whole time though and missed it. LOL

Sweaty, chalky and a little bloody...I sat down beside my bride to suck down more water. Good session! Now time to put all this weight away.


Wow! I'm very excited to see you posting here Shawn. I've been watching your training log on IM for a while and its always very inspiring! Good to have you here.





Some good article content. I am also use the Waterbury Method currently while I heal up for a while. Thanks for the welcome.




Well thanks. Just powerlifting now.


30 min sLow cardio, foam rolll, stretch...


Not a bad session. Finished with 595x5.

Bwt+25 x 10 x 3

Good morning SSB
270 x 10 x 3


Man it's been a while for me.


Training now is more bodybuilding to work on healing up. Using a 5 day split. More volume related.