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Shawn Frankl Destroys All-Time Total Record


Thought someone would have posted this already.

Shawn Frankl (198) totaled 2,630 pounds today at the SPF Powerstation Pro-Am in Sharonville, Ohio. The total is a new all-time record, upping his own mark by 160 pounds. It is also higher than the 220 all-time total and ties the 242 all-time total held by Greg Panora. In addition, Frankl's total is only 40 pounds off the 308 class all-time total.

The total earned Frankl the lightweight division victory and a $5,000 paycheck.

Frankl also squatted an all-time record of 1,055 pounds. That eclipsed Sam Byrd's record by five pounds.

Frankl added an 825 pound bench press and 750 pound deadlift. He went eight for nine on the day with his only miss being his second attempt bench press of 825 pounds. He came back to hit that on his third attempt.



That's one strong mofo. Any vids??


That's sick.

Hopefully the lifts are legit....


Sucks that Brian Schwab bombed. I hope Chuck Vogelpohl kicks ass tommarow.


Awesome numbers, but it's SPF so we will see...


So fucking sick. I was a 198 when I was younger, so it trips me out thinking about handling those weights at that low of a BW.


how often are raw records beat versus geared records?

i say this because i wonder what's getting better, the training or the gear itself.


I don't think the gear has really been getting much better within the past few years, now if you were talking about 10yr old records I would say that maybe the gear improvements had a hand in it. The only new gear improvements I can think of that have come about recently is the Overkill Gear, but not too many guys are using that right now


i just remember a recent thread with raw records and they were all from early 90s and such and still standing.


Video is up!


Part of the reason so many raw records are still standing is because raw lifting is only now making a comeback in popularity. That list is actually new so for years guys didn't really have a record to chase. Give it some time and many of those will be surpassed.


Wow, that was incredible. He looked like he had more in him on the deadlift as well!

Michael Cartinian also broke his own record total in the 181 class. He went 930/705/625 for a 2260 total.

Man I feel weak.


How. The. Fuck.

How the hell can a guy weighing 200 lift that kind of weight? Insane props... Although a little disappointing that so few people enjoy the sport enough to witness that kind of performance. I was at the worlds in Palm Springs last year and there was probably under 100 of us in the audience. Killer weights being used though.


is this single or unlimited gear? either way impressive




I don't know about powerlifting but aren't you supposed to get lower than that. Like hips at knee level or something?


Oh come the fuck on.

I'm not one for internet judging and the like, but seriously?

Squats were Mike Miller high.

How the hell do you get a press command when then bar is still descending? Or a rack command when your elbows aren't locked out?


Frankl is indeed a freak. It would have been nice to see tighter judging though.


Which are the more strict feds? I ask 'cause while you can't take anything away from this dude's performance the squat and bench looked somewhat "suspect". That's being said knowing I'll never come close to any of those weights.


I was loling at that very thing. Looked like he was still pressing when they took the bar and gave him 3 whites...lolz?

I take it the SPF isn't a stickler for judging.