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Shaw Wins Arnold 2017



Thor 2nd

Anybody have the event list results?


I’m loving the youtube videos Rogue is putting out! Looks like Eddie Hall wasn’t there, anyone know why?

EDIT: I find the size of those guys just mind-boggling. I consider myself a reasonable sized guy at 6’2" and 215lbs but Hafthor is significantly more than twice as big as me haha!


Ya, I was surprised Hall wasn’t there? Shaw and Thor are out of this world.


I read Hall was missing it to focus on WSM, that really seems to be his passion. He put a video of an easy looking 190kg continental and push press on his instagram recently so he certainly doesn’t seem injured.


That could be. I just saw him squat like 350kg for reps on Facebook so I he must be good…

*345 x 8…


Rogue Fitness is a must-subscribe YouTube channel. They had cool vids leading up to the contest, great recap videos, the whole nine yards. If you haven’t already done so, you should watch “Stoneland” - a wonderful little 45-minute documentary Rogue put on YouTube about stone lifting in Scotland. It’s fantastic. And then, since you’re Scottish, you should go lift some of the stones.


Also: I am a big fan of Mateusz Kieliszkowski and thought he would place a little better, especially after his fast start going 2nd in the Bale Tote and the Timber Carry. I wonder if he strained something on the Timber Carry, because I was really surprised at how poor he looked on the deadlift event (although pulling 811 pounds being considered “poor” seems ridiculous, it was just so far removed from what everyone else put up).

Finally, I really want to try deadlifting with that elephant bar and the deep dish plates. Just seems like it would be fun and look cool.


Oh don’t worry that’s already my goal for this summer! I absolutely loved the documentary. I like to be a bit secretive, but yeah, those stones are extremely close to where I grew up and the documentary has prompted me to give them a go. Well, the Inver stone at least, the Dinnie stones are pretty damn heavy.

More’s to the point, when are you coming over to give them a go?


Since we watched the documentary, my wife has asked me this question more than once…

I think it’s a likelihood sometime in my lifetime, but probably not this year or next. Need to save some cash and buy a house. It might be a 10-year anniversary trip or something like that, though. I want to make sure I’ve hit that 600 deadlift and worked my grip a little bit, too - no sense going all that way unless I’m actually going to lift the damn things.


A wise woman!

Well I’ll document how it goes for me and that should give you a good benchmark (i.e. if furo can do it, I definitely can!). When the time comes you’ve got accommodation and a warm welcome waiting for you bud.


Hall actually didn’t qualify for it this year, but that may be BECAUSE he is shifting his focus.


How does the qualifying work?


Results of certain contests all added together. Kalle Beck had a good article on it in the starting strongman facebook page.


I’ll see if I can find that. He came in 3rd in last years WSM if iirc. It just seems odd to me.


Yeah, WSM and the Arnold are totally different governing bodies. Placing in one doesn’t affect qualification for the other.

WSM has Giants Live qualifiers and invites, whereas the Arnold looks to different shows.

All politics really.