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Here’s the deal, the other day I decided to trimthe pubes. I’m trimming away with the electric razor when I accidently get too close to the skin. Next thing I know the hair is gone except for a few stubles. Was feeling kind of weird for a while until I had sex with the wife. It was cool, thinking about keeping it short, not shaved. Any other T-men shave their pubes? Any T-Vixens have men that do?

Just slipped and shaved it off by accident did we :slight_smile: Pervert!
Shaven pubes reminds me of hospital & helplessness so I’ve never considered it but how did you go with the rash? Why can’t the hot nurses do the shaving?

Porn star style bro. Anyway, did anyone see the preview for American Pie 3 where Jason Vanderdick is shaving his pubes upstairs in the batheroom and throws the clippings out the window and they flow back through the fan inthe kitchen window and blow into the mouths and faces of all the peole downstairs, funny shit.

I have had this discussion several times with guys and girls. A couple thoughts to point out:
I notice that on women with a trimmed beave, the stank flava is reduced and sometimes gone. Perhaps the reverse its true. Crotch funk is tough to take.
Most women really dont want to be gagging on a mouthful of pubes.
I think sex feels better to have shortened/shaved pubes.
As someone else pointed out, it makes your ‘thang’ look bigger not being hidden in the black forest.
And I have told a girl to 'pull ‘em back up, we’re done here’ cuz her bush was waaaaaay too out of control and it sickened me. I think the reverse is true, as well. At least SOME damage control is necessary for guys and girls.

Shaving my pubes is one of those things I stumbles upon. but then when I talked to a bunch of people, it turned out that a lot of guys were doing it.

Anyone agree/disagree.

Pluck. Like a real man.

there’s another thread about this. read it. Consensus: do you what you want, but most like it short or bald.

I shave em’off… Nothing more refreshing than having the underbrush cut out and away from the mighty trunk…

yeah there is another thread talking about this exact thing. i think its called the debate. i trim mine as well. just like everybody else says it makes you look bigger and also sex is hell of a lot better!

Jared…“Plucking” is for pussies.

Real T-Men BURN 'em off

“The lamp burns bright when wick and oil are clean”

~ Ovid

i use a weed whacker.

why not braid it into corn rows?

ck out www.sassysensations.com and look up a product called Coochy Shave Cream

Smooth as a baby’s bottom. What you need to shave those delicate areas. Say good-bye to red bumps and the itching sensation.

I know it isn’t a manly name, but that rash will kill ya!

I will vote for shaved or closely trimmed.

any guy ever wax that shit? i imagine it would hurt…

Anybody know somebody that paid for the “Brazilian Wax”?

Try a hydrogen fluorid laser. That will permenatly stop the hair from growing. :slight_smile:

I have been trimming them since age 15. That was when I became a hygene freak.

i like to trim it back somewhat, dont think its a big thing in the uk for guys to do, but then i really dont know???

i just think its better for the gf when she does her thing that she dont get a mouthful of hair! lol


Real men don’t shave their pubes. Porn stars(read:losers)shave, Metrosexuals(read:men with too much estrogen or women with too much testosterone, either one works)shave, and Queers(read:not that there’s anything wrong with being gay)shave. If you fall into one of those groups, fine, otherwise keep it natural. Where have all the real men gone?, and if you need to trim to make your penis look bigger, then you got bigger problems(no pun intended)than a razor can solve.

Come on, face it. The real reason men shave pubic hair is to make their manhood look bigger. Big bush, little buddy. No hair, little buddy looks like, well, bigger buddy.

Ever see that Jackass where SteveO waxes his whole body eyes head ass crack everything. OUUUUCHHHHHHH!!!

I shave and/or trim because it looks better and because I prefer my women the same way. Also, for hygiene purposes, you will find that those who shave and/or trim have less body odor. It has nothing to do with making my wenus appear larger.