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Shaving Your Own Back?


Guys -

This is so retarded I know but I've got to ask. Does anyone know of a way to shave your own back? I hate back hair with a passion but I hate always having my wife do it and then roll her eyes cause she thinks it's stupid that I'm that anal over stuff like that.

I've often thought that if I could devise a way for men to shave their own back without anyone knowing that I'd make a million. Any ideas?

I'm serious here so although I know there will be some smart ass remarks, please offer some serious ones up too.



There is actually laser treatment for this.


Dude, feel the love:


Not too proud to say I own one and its great.


Thats GOTTA leave cuts like a mofo!


For real dude! You own one of these? Do you have any problems with cuts? How do you apply the shaving cream and stuff? So you recommend it?


I use a paint stirer and a shich razor same thing,



You even wrote a testimonial for them!

"Being a single guy in the dating scene, there was nothing worse than the thought of a new woman seeing/feeling my back hair. I tried everything to get rid of it and it has always been a huge concern for me. But no longer!!! Your product is amazing...it was quick and it removed ALL of my back hair. Thanks for the new found confidence and ridding me of something that has always bothered me!!! Woman of Ohio, watch out!"
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I should get one too!


Are you serious? You just rubberband the razor to the paint stirer or something? No cuts?



man, the only parts of my body I shave are my face and my nutsack.... and neither of those very often.

doesn't your back itch like a MOFO after you shave that shit!?


I just have the girl I live with wax it for me.


They advise to use shaving cream, but seriously... how the hell are you going to apply it? I just do it while in the shower and I have not been cut once yet (I was surprised too). In addition, no itching or irritation at all (and I have pretty sensitive skin).

I am really happy with it. No joke.


LMAO You sonofabitch, Nate.


Actually, what's better about this than that method is that there is an angle to it so you can apply a little bit of pressure and you are not straining the ever-living hell out of shoulder.

I cannot believe I am this many posts deeps into this discussion. LOL Well, if it helps anyone else out, it's all good.


That's pretty funny. You'll shave your balls, but you imply that shaving your back is odd?


hmm, I suppose ya got me there....

but hairless balls serve a DIRECT function.


Hog....have it waxed! Or have her use Nair or something like that.


fuck that shit, i tried that with a tiny patch, i almost cried. i have over forty hours of tatoo, and i would take forty more not to ever wax again. that shit left one tiny square perfectly smooth, but it's a killer. props if you can handle it.(by the way, think gorilla when you think about my back). makes me tear up just thinkin about it.

on a better note, nair kicks ass. i used that before, it smells like shit, but after like 10 min the hair just wipes off. no razor burn, and no ingrown hair. plus it lasts a while longer than shaving.


Nair works well. Smells something awful but it works.