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Shaving Year Round



I was noticing at the gym today that alot of the guys were either shaving or body grooming. I've also noticed the same on most of these forums, that must of the guys shave the chest, abs and/or arm pits.

How many of you guys shave (say arm pits and chest/abs) year round in the off season, not just during competition season?

I started shaving my abs and arm pits this AM. Abs was fine. Arm pits too a hack job to get it all. But now, I feel that I look more like a real bodybuilder. Lets hope that it motivates me to push even harder in the gym.


Year round. Just habit more than anything else.


chest/balls-area year round.

never my armpits.

legs before hot dates :wink:


I don't even shave my beard in the winter.


I shave my head year round. Does that count?


If you aren't competing why do guys shave their chest? I love a happy trail, it's sexy.


OG that'd be a nice relief, every woman i've been with for say the past few years at least have wanted me to shave chest/stomach to the point to where they offered to do it for me, they suggest waxing and i suggest a kick in the ass lol


I trim everything but don't ever shave my chest unless the girlfriend requests it. Also, I cant imagine actually shaving my armpits without losing at least a few chunks of skin.


that is just crazy talk, a hairy chest and happy trail tickles and, well.... some parts of me like that kind of tickling.

I can see waxing the back and hairy butt


There is a difference between a happy trail and looking like a sasquatch.


ya and some extra testosterone definitely aides in the sweatervest look lol


true, if you have enough chest hair you could have braids, a trim might be in order.


Yep. Some hair can be good but body hair on some of us gets to be a little ridiculous. I do it partly for looks and partly for personal hygiene.

I just trim everything down short maybe once every month or two. I'd be like a porcupine for a few days if I took a razor to everything.


I "trim" when Im' lazy or short on time.

Which this winter has been A LOT.

I just prefer not to pull hairs off my private areas when I am reached into my pants to take a piss....that's a pain (literally) and annoying.


I'll 'buzz' my torso most of the year, simply because I like seeing the definition. Never done my pits before, and this past weekend, I actually buzzed my legs for the first time simply so I can assess my bf levels as I get closer to a show (feels so funny wearing pants! -lol)



If I trim I get patchy. I am not very good with the clippers. All there or all gone seems to work best.

That with some manscaping thrown.

I started shaving my legs for bicycle racing and only came up past mid tigh. I had a friend say it would just keep creeping upwards. She was right.

I always thought a shaved chest and hairy pits looked funny and nicking your nipple totally sucks.


Hmmm... I guess I grew up in Lumberjack Country. The only thing I "shave" is my face, although I keep a buzzcut year round. Trimming is a must 'down there,' but that's it. Hairy beast just comes off the tongue much better than "Shaved Beast."


I shave my underarms and business. It just feels better and I believe it helps with my personal hygiene.



I LOVE the feeling of a shaved clean body... it's great.. and more hygienic.. I don't sweat/stink as much etc...


Hairy butt stays. I will not be waxed. If you figure out a way to shave my asshole, let me know.

The ancient Egyptians used to shave all body hair. At least the nobility did.

But they also worshiped cats, so they were a little fucked in the head.