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shaving / waxing body

Just curious what the men of the T-Forum shave or wax in terms of body parts?

Does anyone think its wussy, cos I like the look of it shaven. Dont know what the ladies would think of it either!

I shave my armpits. I trim my chest and stomach with an electric trimmer. I’m a hairy beast, and I just keep myself trimmed so I don’t look like a wooly mammoth.

The only thing I shave is my beard. However, if I had a hairy back, I would probably have the hair permanently removed.

Well, I have personally enjoyed several shaved pussies, and dam if it made me feel wussy at all.

if you trim your pubes with your razor set to #2, does your hair grow back faster? or itch?

Anyone know what would be the longest lasting thing to do to keep the hair from returning? Not including the ‘permanently removed’ answer, too much mula.

When I was totally immersed in BB I shaved arms/legs, no hair on chest, (grass does not grow on a playground kids, LOL) now I realize the ladies werent that fond of it. Now that my head is clear and I am back into it the hair is on and most women like it that way.I do the patch with a low #2 its cool yuk, why are we talking pube grooming???
Oh and yeah a womens gotta have a waxed cha-cha its the best!

Oh yeah, I always trim my pubes. And at times, I may trim my arms and legs. It takes months for it to grow back. As for pubes, I’ve been doing it for so long, and do it often, so I’ve never had problems with itching, and I don’t notice it growing back faster. I swear that shaving with a razor does make hair grow back faster. That’s why I prefer to trim. As for the poontang, monkey, snatch, pussy, vagina, coochie area, I prefer shaved or just a tiny strip. Luckily, my girl is always shaven. As for what lasts longest versus permanent hair removal, I’d say waxing is your best bet. You can also get laser hair removal permanent and short-term (4-8 weeks).

I likes me women bushy! :slight_smile:

I trim my pits and my pubes. Everything else just grows as is, I don’t particularily care.

If you are a hairy freak, then trim it ALL (a la Nate Dogg), otherwise just keep the face and toys(boys) clean shaven. As far as being wussy? Hell no. Good hygiene is necessary, not wussy.

Up here in the great white north I have been ostrisized by my tribe. I have been trimming my chest and pits and top pubes (low #2), and shaving da nut sack with the good ol’ Mach-3 since the age of 22 (now 25)! Never looking back!

I have shaved my chest twice Then I came to the conclusion that a girl isn’t going to see my chest anytime soon, because I am not really concerned with girls right at the moment just on my training. I might go totally hairless someday.

If you’re gonna shave it then keep it smooth, nothing is worse than cuddling up to a stubbly chest. Wussy has nothing to do with it, it’s all about asthetics. Personally, I love a big smooth chest, but a nice soft furry one is great to cuddle with.

Trim the pubes is a must for both genders. women I like shaved, or a strip. Besides triming makes it look bigger. Although I can’t see me taking a mach 3 to the nads. How in the he11 do you do that? You can’t apply alot of pressure. 2nd thought I don’t want to know how you do that. Forget plucking. The only thing I can think of that’s painless is that spray on stuff you see on infomercials, just spray and wipe away.lol

I used to shave my arms all the time never was really cool with shaving everything else tried the old happy trail but i missed it too much. Alot of guys around base shave their nether regions most of them use nair for men but I never got used to the smell

I usually shave my entire body in the summer. During the year I keep my legs, pubic, and arm pits shaved. Then go to the chest and arms in the summer. I have been doing it for the past 4 years. The feeling is great, I get more comments from people on my legs when they are shaved, since they can see more of the muscle. I ran track in college and most of us sprinters shaved. I just think it looks healthier

The chest can be either hairy or clean but I like the private parts shaved. Its fun to make it part of the foreplay! I like to get my tongue to all those little nooks and cranies so to speak, he he.