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Shaving question about Androsol

I am about to start a cycle of Finasol. (Androsol/Finaplex mixture). I was wondering if I should shave my legs for maximum effect. I mean would some of the sprays be wasted because of the hair blocking the skin on my legs? I would sooner shave my legs than to have the sprays be wasted. Opinions please.

Been covered about a dozen times, but here goes again. Some hair is fine, most people do not need to worry about hairy legs, but if you’re so hairy you can’t even see skin, then Bill Roberts says to trim the hair (not shave, unless you want to) with clippers. I’m pretty hairy, but have never bothered with either. I get good results anyway.

If the amount of hair on the legs is
pretty average, then the amount deposited
on the hair is only a small fraction of
that applied and at most you’re wasting
10 cents worth of Androsol or something
like that. However if you’re really hairy
then sure, there could be a problem.

Shaving still would not be necessary.
Clipping to 1/4" length, for example
with Wahl clippers, will solve the
wastage problem as well as improve
appearance dramatically.

By the way, this is true for all body
hair. I don’t think any woman thinks
inches-long body hair anywhere is attractive.
1/4" or at most 3/8" should be the limit,
it seems to me. The Ted-Kennedy-6"-of-gray-chest-hair look is just totally disgusting
(as would also be the case with other-colored overly long hair anywhere. It’s just that I saw a photo of that fat drunken slob recently and it was really disgusting, stands out in the memory unfortunately.)

I’ve lived my whole life in Mass. and it pleases me to know that people from all over the country know that: Ted Kennedy is a fat drunken slob. It’s really incredible how bloated and disgusting he is.