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Shaving My Head For the First Time

I think I’m going to shave my head for the first time in my life. However, has anyone done this and just absolutely regretted it, because I think that I will look like a walking penis with ears.


Depends on your headshape. I did a long while ago and never went back, and most people I know could never go back to long hair again.

yeah i often switch between growing it out long or shaving it all off, if you have big ears that stick out is one of worst things i reckon, other than that its no big deal you can just grow it back, first inch or so of hair comes back in no time

The only problem I got was the comments

“Wow mom look a big real life Nazi.”

You might want to try a real short buzz-cut first.

My brother shaved his head completely and he looks like a serial killer/child molester.

It really depends on the person’s head.

I always shaved my head in my early 20’s. The problems that I had were that I couldn’t get a job (wasn’t taken serious), I always got pulled over (living in Southern California) and when I would go to court (I’m a bad boy) the judge would catagorize me as knuckle-head and not cut me any slack.

It was suggested to me that if I wanted to find a job and get on the Judge’s good side I should grow out my hair. It’s been grown out for like 3 years now and I hate it!!! As soon as I finish up college and find a job I’ll shave it off. I love my shaved head and I miss it. BZZZZZZ (hair clippers)

I shave mine and have no issues at all. Women always coming up and rubbing it.

I shaved my boss’s head after he made a deal with our students. He looked horrible. It had a weird shape with a big nasty mole that looked like a nipple growing out of the side of his head.

[quote]E-man wrote:
The only problem I got was the comments

“Wow mom look a big real life Nazi.”[/quote]

“Illinois Nazi’s! I HATE Illinois Nazi’s!”

Yeah, you gotta weigh up some things first. I always had long hair (mid length) but a couple a weeks ago I got sick of it and shaved my head with the no.1 clipper(2mm) and have had a few comments, had people look at me like im a thug, people cross the road if walking towards me.

Why are you even doing it?

Don’t do it, there’s no point. Unless it’s a $100 bet, then I guess it would be worth it.

I have shaved my head since I was a college Junior. I let it grow back last year just to see if the response I get from women would change, but it didn’t. It all comes down to the shape of your head and your overall look. I get little kids pointing at me and yelling, “wow, mom…is that a boxer!?” so I guess that is the look I put forth. If you get “is that a serial killer?!”, you may want to leave your hair where it is. When it comes to the most basic honesty, let the kids decide.

well I dont know. Im the type of person with luck that i have moles on the back of my head that i wouldn’t know about and people would laugh at me after i passed them…all the while thinking i was a pedophile.


I’ve shaved it all off twice, then kept it at a number 2 buzz cut for a year. My flatmate and I used to get out the clippers every fortnight and cut each other’s hair.

It all depends on the headshape. I would love having no hair again but I am female and work in a corporate environment so it’s not appropriate at this stage.

You do need to consider the condition of your scalp. I have a rather large scar on one side of my head, courtesy of a car accident, which can freak people out. But you know, it’s only hair. If you don’t like it, it will grow out again soon enough.

Then don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable about it.

I hate having my hair short, but it’s the best style that ladies like these days so I do it anyways.

Though I got sick of short hair so now I have long hair that I slick back. It does just as good for me as short hair.

I guess it depends on your looks.

I haven’t combed or brushed my hair for fourteen years. I don’t think I’ll ever grow it out again.
I keep my head short with clippers, no guard. I don’t need shampoo, I never have a bad hair day, I spend about 10 minutes every other week taking care of my hair. When I start to go bald, I will hardly notice.
I would suggest you go short with clippers before you take a razor to it. I’ve gone razor bald once, and I didn’t care for it. If you take the razor to it, the first few times your head will probally break out in bumps, and it will sunburn real easily.
As far as looking like a thug; in my youth, that was my desired look, so I guess the shaved head did the trick. Now
I am more conservative and I don’t put off that image. I think it is a lot how you dress and otherwise present yourself , more so than a haircut.

Ah man you guys bring back the memories of how good it was to keep my head shaved…but then I had to grow it out or look like just another GI in an Army town. It did get me lots of chicks…and allow me to stay out past curfew in Korea. Good times, but when I wake up in some strange apartment and my hair is all fro’d out…it reminds me of how nice it was to be able to get up and go.

I used to wear my hair quite long. It started to fall out from chemotherapy and I shaved it all off… now I hate having even moderate length hair and stick with a #1 or #2, even though my wife dislikes it so short. (I’d shave it all off if she let me.)It’s looks neat and tidy without any effort, it’s easy to keep clean, and it’s physically comfortable.

So I’d say go for it.

All the sexy guys have shaved heads. I’m just sayin’…

I shaved my head for several years, and it was quite a time-saver and convenient. I had to drive a car with no A/C in Florida, so it kept me cooler AND from looking like Sideshow Bob when I got to my destination due to the windows being open. It will look odd until a little sun exposure gets your head a uniform color, though.

Just remember this: Black men look cool and sophisticated with shaved heads. White men look like giant thumbs.

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
E-man wrote:
The only problem I got was the comments

“Wow mom look a big real life Nazi.”

“Illinois Nazi’s! I HATE Illinois Nazi’s!”[/quote]

Great movie quote…Blues Brothers