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Shaving Armpits

I don’t really understand why some guys shave their armpits. I think it doesn’t look quite right on a guy. I wouldn’t want to see hair in a woman’s armpits because I think it looks masculine, but I wouldn’t want to see a guy with shaven armpits because I think it looks feminine. It just doesn’t look right on a guy. Body odor is caused by bacteria, not the hair. If you keep your pits clean, odor shouldn’t be a problem. Moveover, I believe that the hair in your pits serves as a place to hold the masculine pheromones which serve to actually attract your sex partners. My lady just loves to bury her nostrils in my hairy pits during sex, it turns us both on. I don’t think shaving the hair in the armpits by bodybuilders for competition adds anything to the physique. Body builders like Arnold S and Franco Colombu sported hairy pits when they would flash double biceps poses on stage. So I say, if you’re a gal, shave ‘em smooth, but if you’re a guy, keep ‘em hairy.

I’ve been shaving my pits for about 7-8 years now. I love it. It looks much better than some big hairy tuft hanging out of your armpit! It doesn’t look feminine at all. Many people think it’s weird. But they don’t even realize it unless I actually tell them I shave. Otherwise, I could be shirtless or wearing a tank top and be waving my arms in the air, and they never even notice. But it looks much better and feels much better. Many people do it: Bodybuilders, swimmers, wrestlers, etc. And it doesn’t look odd or bad in any way. I guess it’s just a preference thing. And I prefer to keep them shaven.

I have to agree - it is very much a preference thing. Personally, I couldn’t do it. Sometimes I consider trimming them though.

Hairy pits are far from a “turn on” in my book - I’ll take shaven anyday.

Some of us trim the pits because we come from the land of the Hairy people. I trim it down so I don’t look like I have a shrub underneath each arm. It looks much better in a tank top or when I am doing pull ups. My pit hair ran all the way from the under arm out to the side of the pecs. and thats just too much damn hair.
So A shave and hair cut has a whole other meaning for me. Peace.

I too am a hairy beast. I have to trim them occasionally or they catch between the arm and lat and lead to a rash (not fun). So yeah I have to trim once in a while but shave never. As for ironbabe I just read in another post she likes EVERYTHING SHAVED. Freak… she must have a husband cause a boy friend would probably not conform to that stuff.

What in the hell did I do to deserve that flame?

Don’t worry, Ironbabe. I think most guys would dye their hair blue if that meant turning on their woman and it leading to better and/or more frequent sex. Maybe our friend knuckledragger just had a fight with his girlfriend.

Well I always trimmed mine with the clippers but if Bill finds hairy pits sexier…

I have been shaving my armpits for about four years now. I think it looks better and if you sweat alot it helps.

Looking the part of a heterosexual male is no longer attractive? I’m not saying that men who shave their body are ALL queers, but they sure look it.

Been shaving mine for years. Helps control the sweat and the longering smell of sweaty armpits. Go on, give it a try. Your spouse, girlfriend will be pleased at the new you. John

Question about the whole pit thing. Someone said that if you sweat a lot it helps to shave. I don’t follow this logic, doesn’t the hair “wick” the sweat away from the skin. Can you elaborate how it helps? Thanks

Observant Paul; however not true. I did just re-read my post and it was a bit harsh it was intended to suggest that while it is Ironbabe’s opinion that shaved is good. For the most part if you have not acquired a mate it is best to stay away from extremist behavior ie. shaving body parts unless you have good reason (competition etc.) It was also to point out that this forum is very egocentric and by no means represents the general populus or more importantly the average women. While he may not be looking for the average woman they will be the ones whispering in the ears of the above average ones as well. Do not needlessly shoot yourself in the foot. That is all.

As a side note, sex when both people are shaved is incredible. Talk about sensory overload. If it’s not your thing fine, but luckily, my man and I see things the same way. Oh and, since no other chick or guy is gonna see our stuff, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks.

The reason it’s best to have less hair is because bodyhair tends to hold the odor in your pits, pubes, etc. So by shaving your pits, you don’t have the hair to hold all the bacteria. So shaving helps in that respect as well as looks better. But I still have hair everywhere else. Although, I do trim my chest and stomach.

Ok, people, BO is not caused by bacteria in your pits. It’s cause by the overabundance of apocrine sweat glands in the axial region. Less hair, less surface area for smelly things to stick to.

There’s also another simple solution for the BO problem. I know this is hard to grasp, but we have things called showers these days. Try one sometime. Hehe…gotta bust some people’s balls sometimes.