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Shaved Head?


So i decided to go ahead and shave my head completely. Something I've always wanted to do, and now have done. My question to all of you who do this, is what do you wash your head with? Soap? Shampoo? I had no idea, so I thought I'd see what some others did. So what do you do?



I bought a mute Native Virgin Island girl on Ebay who only has the job of scrubbing my head with eucalyptus leaves and baby oil.

Sometimes I use my own energy to simply scrub my head with soap in the shower (where I also shave). I put lotion on it (baby oil if I want it to shine...not baby smelling baby oil but the lavendar kind) and leave it at that.

the best razor in my opinion: The Mach3 Turbo. I see no need for anything more. I also only use soap as "shaving cream".


I still use shampoo to wash it.

And definitely get yourself the Headblade to shave it, if you haven't arleady done so.


Checkout headblade.com. I started using this razor and some of the other products and I love it. I stress if you buy one of these razors use a light touch! I use the same thing on my head that I use on my face. I use something that keeps my head from breaking out.

Me Solomon Grundy


I wash my head with soap, and use good ole barbasol and a mach 3. after I get out of the shower I put rubbing alcohol on it and then a little lotion


The Mach 3 worked fine for me, but i'm looking into the headblade. Thanks for info fellas, and X, i'm still looking for a virgin of my own. Slim pickings these days.


I use shampoo still (soap dries my head out). I shave with King of Shaves gel and a disposable Shick Xtreme3 blades. Those are the ones that curve to fit your head, and I can flick to shoot the hair out of the blade without the blade falling off.


first I highly recommend shaving in the shower. I use a sensor 3 for my face and a headblade with Gillette atra plus blades. Wash it first with some soap and use the shaving cream of your choice. I can recommend the headslick from headblade.com


I've tried both the Headblade and the Mach 3 and I find the Mach 3 a lot easier to use, actually, with a lot less knicks. The one problem I found with the Headblade was it tended to be harder to clean out, whereas a Mach 3 is an easy rinse. Just my 2 cents from my shiny dome.


Whatever works on your balls best you should use on your head.


I go to Chuck Norris' house once a month for him to scare the hair off my head. It takes a month for the hair to be brave enough to try and return. Hey, it beats razor bumps.


any product not containing a combustion engine yet having turbo in the name must rock exceptionally

we used to say turbo in lieu of gay ... so i shall resume



[quot]ALDurr wrote:
I go to Chuck Norris' house once a month for him to scare the hair off my head. It takes a month for the hair to be brave enough to try and return. Hey, it beats razor bumps.

Wow. Not a bad Norris bump.[/quote]


Have you been lurking in my apartment?


I use a Braun electric shaver. No ingrown hairs ever. They run about $165. They come with a pod that charges and cleans it. The replacement cleaning packs are $10 for two and each one lasts a month or so with daily use (head and face). I've gotten my total time spent shaving head and face to under 15 minutes.


yeah any gillette product is good.

I honestly get the big package of 52 gillette plus razors.

and afterwards if I don't take a shower, I toss on some lotion.

MOST OF THE TIME, I will just use my electric tho.. seems to work almost the same, not quite as smooth tho.


Use that with caution. I only shave my head after I get out of the shower (yes you can just wash your bald skull with soap). I don't dry my head, just put the shaving cream to it and shave. This helps me to avoid razor burn/bumps.

I used the headblade and damn near scalped myself. So I let a friend use it and he did the same thing.



I find the shick extreme 3's to be the best. They bend and contour to your melon. I would also recommend shaving in the shower, the water will rinse the razor better than in the sink. You should get your head wet and soak it under the spray of the shower for at least 5 minutes or so to help soften the hair.



I've never had a problem if I use it as directed: Keep the back pad against your head at all times!

I shave my face and then stick my head under the faucet with hot water. I then use Headslick shaving cream or Mach 3 gel and lather up. Shave as directed, and in about five minutes, I'm done.

I shower, wash my head (with shampoo - soap dries your scalp) and then finish the shower with a cold water rinse on my head to close the pores. Get out. Dry off. Apply headlube (or other lotion if head is dry/sunburned).

No problems.