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Shaved Head


My hairline is running away from my face so I've decided to start shaving my head. For all you guys that shave your dome, what do you recommend/what is your routine? I've heard some people say the headblade is pretty good. I've heard mixed reviews about Nair. I appreciate any feedback, thanks.


"Here's another pack of humans that ought to be killed: White guys that shave their head bald. On black people it looks cool. On you it looks hideous, repulsive and ugly. There is no reason for you to walk around looking like a freshly circumsized dick. If you really want to have no hair, be like me, wait a while!" - George Carlin


Well, it's only half of expected post about week early, too. So I suppose that they'll be another thread coming.

I suggest going to a barber and having them shaving your head with a straight razor.


Fuck George Carlin.


I ought to be killed? On black people it looks cool? He was a comedian so I hope you don't truly believe only one ethnicity can shave their head or that you wish death upon me. Secondly, are you going bald?


You may want to give this hairstyle a shot....


Hey Scott or is it "Rice" do you take every post you read with utmost literalness?


It's Scott. I made this account years ago and I don't know how to change the name other than making another account. It's hard to read sarcasm over the internet.


Damn class of `06...

And anybody with half a brain can also read sarcasm over the internet.


Head blade is awkward. I use a Mach 3 Turbo and that does fine. Lately I don't even shave as often because I don't mind if some grows back during the week. I do shave at least 1-2 times a week though and about every other day during periods where I really want to clean 24/7. Clippers are used first if I let it grow back at all.

As far as Mr Carlin, he's wrong, but I will say that if you have no size on you at all, a lot of white guys just look "sick" when they shave their head. If they look like football players, it actually may make them look "tougher" shaved. I see a lot of bodyguards around here with shaved heads and I doubt people still think of "skinheads" when they see this unless you have swastikas painted down your arms.


Also, your head shape has much to do with this. The more wrinkles and odd points on your skull, the less "clean" this looks.


I appreciate your input. I do have some size on me and my initial concern was that people would think I was a racist. Do you prefer to shave with the grain or against it?


I started shaving the dome a few years ago. I shave in the shower and use a Head Blade for doing most of the work, then I use my regular razor to do around ears, back of head and anything missed. If you go with Head Blade use light pressure and move slow. CVS has an Aveno-like shaving gel that works well.

Remember to have a hat to wear. You'll notice it's a little cooler than with hair. I still forget and get sunburned off and on all year.

Go for it and see how it looks.


If you are white or generally have straight hair, you can get away with shaving against the grain. People with curly or kinky hair avoid this because of the risk of razor bumps.


It depends. Some sarcasm is obvious while other posts are laced with malicious humor. For instance, the guy who posted the picture of the asian men fighting is good humored sarcasm while the quote was not.


Also, this is about your overall look. If you get off on wearing heavy metal rock band t-shirts and combat boots, people may have a tendency to see your shaved head as an act of rebellion instead of style.

You see, we had Michael Jordan being seen on the court and in million dollar business suits to help us out.


So, what is this.... like the 147th bald/shaved/hair thread?

If you want to announce getting a haircut, do it on Facebook like every other person who feels the need to fill the world in on every breath they take.

Otherwise, just cut it and get on with your life.



You're baldist.


Sorry, I don't normally go past page 1 of the results in the off topic section. This wasn't meant to be a vanity post. I just wanted members' input on their shaving routines.


Just get clippers and shave it without the guard on every week or so.