Shaved head and box mustache, is that cool?

I was thinking about it…

What would happen if I shave my head and grow a small box mustache (similiar to hitlers and others)… I would definately look soo retro… What do you think? Is that cool?


The Hitler look is so 1938, dude. Try again, unless your goal is to look like a lunatic.

If so, thumbs up!

Remember, dressing like Hitler in school isn’t cool!

Don’t listen to the others; they’re just jealous. The look you describe would be the coolest! All the fly chickies would be on your jock with the quickness. If you go through with it, take pictures and post them on the photo forum.

Hail, de Furor!

If cool = dork! Then yes I suppose it is.

Throw in some buttless chaps there partner, and you’ll have yourself some dates!

I will not wear swastika ( i dont have it).

Still… the look is totally awesome!

Yeh I want to look like those guys!Such a cool fashion@!@@!

DDD, that new look would be in very bad taste.
If you want to be cool, try dressing up like Henry VIII. He had an enormous cod piece. If you are ignorant, and don’t know what a cod piece is, I will inform you. It is a large, stainless steel piece of armor that covers your unit. People will be intrigued/shocked. Either way, you will get the attention you obviously desperately need. By the way, quit voting for the democrats, they are bad.

Well, this look isnt glorifyng hitler.

I mean I said “shaved head” . Not head combed to the right as hitler had. Still a big distinction.

THis kind of fashion would be cool…right?

What is the appeal? I don’t think chicks will go for that look at all.

you’ve already done it haven’t you? Lord help us!

…yes. Start the trend, triple D, start it up.

Worrying up starting a trend or if a look is cool isn’t cool. If you have to try to be cool or look cool, you aren’t cool. Refer to Steve Mcqueen. I also heard that your pants dragging off your ass and a sideways baseball cap is cool.
Asking people on a web forum if a look is cool is seriuously not cool.

“And all the girlies say he’s pretty fly, for a white guy.”

Since some of you don’t seem to get it, let me explain: this is a joke. That’s why I replied the way I did the first time.

This style would be cool for a bouncer or a security guard or a cop… Add some S.S. to it, double lighting pic and you are done…


Hitler definitely ruined that moustache, no one since has been able to pull it off. I hope some crazy doesn’t ruin any other look for us.