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Shauna's Journey to 350+

Dear God this forum is like a breath of fresh air. Strong women…fuck yeah.

So 1 week ago I went with my bf Aaron to his powerlifting “gym” (a hole in the wall basement with racks, power racks, tires, GHRs, platforms, and NO F+ING MIRRORS!!! AWESOME). God I hate 24 hour fitness. Anyway, I deadlifted for his coach Todd, a conventional 3 rep set of 285 and he told me to do a meet coming up here on Dec. 5. I went to this meet last year when Aaron lifted, and even though Aaron has been nagging my ass to get serious about lifting, I never actually thought that a year later I would be doing it…especially deciding to do so 1 month before the meet. So good times. But I will only be doing the deadlift, because it kicks ass, my bench is decent, and my squat sucks and 1 month is not enough time to get those proper.

A bit about me…
I have been “training” and not just “working out” for about 1 year.

I have not focused on powerlifting, besides incorporating DLing, SQTing, and benching into my workouts with no real training regime for these lifts specifically.

I have never trained in 1 RM form, but figure after pulling 3 X 285 after 6 prior sets, I can shoot for about 340-350 for a 1RM (would prefer 360+ but we shall see).


I have an injured ankle that has never healed after 4 years…probably my fault for being too much of a lazy asshole to rehab it properly when it happened.

My stats are 175, 22% BF (assuming), 5’6"

I just started the Anabolic diet in attempts to lean out, but I guess that’s fucked. More food for me…although keeping with the AD for now, just bumpin up the kcals.

I figure this is a good place to track my progress, but more importantly, get some real feedback and advice. Anyone have any good advice for what my training should look like?

Pull workout tonight. Log it later.

BTW- the pic was from a few months ago before a vacation…hence the tan. A few pounds heavier and 100% paler today…sweet for me.

I have no real advice, just wanted to say hi :slight_smile:

Shauna, welcome! I’m not in a position to offer you any advice, but I’m looking forward to following your training. A meet! How exciting!

Welcome - you look strong! I’m a member of the injured ankle club too - they’re tricky buggers. Once you’ve sprained it, the ligaments don’t heal but instead form scar tissue which isn’t as flexible. And of course, that means it’s easier to sprain it again. I did mine falling downstairs as a kid, and have sprained it several times since, most recently in September. So yeah, not too chuffed about that as it put me out of a charity race I was training for (not that I’m much of a runner, but I do on occassion like a bit of fresh air).

I have a wobble board which I don’t use enough, but I try to remember to stand on one foot while cleaning my teeth, and stuff like that. Main things you can do is stretch your calves and keep a tennis ball under your desk (if you sit at a desk at work, or home) and roll your feet on it daily to release to plantar fascia. There’s plenty of articles on here about ankle rehab but it’s a question of remembering to do that stuff. I’ve got so many bum joints to rehab, I could spend three hours in the gym each day without lifting heavy. And I’d rather spend 40 minutes lifting heavy and then go home and chill.
Good luck, anyway, and hope you manage to train around it.

I may be starting to develop a girlcrush on you.

training? I LOVE 5/3/1!!!

you look awesome already, training harder and low carb will do wonders for you, IMO.

looking forward to following along!

Yay, you got a body like me…but a higher deadlift. Welcome, and, YOU SUCK!


Wow, you ladies are awesome…I already feel the love…in my pants…no I’m kidding…no I’m not…

mom and kimba - thanks for showin up…means a lot and I can’t wait to check out your logs.

Cal - seriously, fuck ankle injuries. It keeps me from doing so much shit and the tissue around it is like perma-swollen. The standing on one foot around the house and doing other strengthening moves daily is a great idea. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

cbear - ha, you and me both sister…I saw your booty pics…hot damn! BTW, totally stole those crazy push-up sets with the weight on the back from a video you did. Rough, rough ,rough.

PULL workout

Dynamic Warm-Up
5 min treadmill walking
stretching with bands, hip swings, BW squats
Glute bridges, single-leg hip thrusts

Bent-Over BB Row: 8 sets X 3reps
3 warm-up sets (95, 105,115)
3 working sets (125, 135, 145, 155, 185 (horrible form and failed on the last rep, but was going for strength and power, not technical points)

One-Arm DB Rows: 3 X 12 (45s, 50s, 55s) ----yeah, I’m a pussy at these right now but it’ll improve

Reverse DB Flies: 3 X 12 @ 12.5 DBs ----- went for form and pace on these

Cable Cross One-Arm Lateral Raises: 3 X 12 @ 30lbs ---- I totally make up names for movements

Tricep Pressdown: 4 X 12 (100, 110, 120, 10@130)

Lat Pull Down Wide Grip: 3 X 10 (100, 110, 100)
supersetted with
Lat Pull Down Supinated Narrow Grip: 3 X 10 (90,100,100)

Face Pulls: 3 X 10 (90, 100, 110)

Weighted Push-Up Walk Across: 3 X 4 each side with 25 plate ----last set I hit failure and did 10 forced unweighted reps…loved it

Overall good workout. I feel really good from this no carbs meal plan. Today was the first day I saw a difference, although I have been feeling it from day one. Clearly I did a lot of volume which I hope to tone down starting next week. Honestly, having people who are renowned powerlifters notice that I have ability has given me a huge boost of confidence and really narrowed my sights on what I want to accomplish physically. I really admire what you women are doing and how you do it. Totally inspiring. Training hard and heavy is the only place in the world where my big legs and wide back is looked upon as a benefit. I’m so lucky my eyes are open:)

love to you ladies. More tomorrow.

welcome…ur a badass! killer quads. thats some big rowing too. love it.

i’m on the quest for 350 by the year end mahself. =+)

best of luck…keep working hard!

“totally make up names for movements” ok I loled.

i got tired just reading your workout.

and fuck your bentover row.

so glad you like my ass.

[quote]CBear84 wrote:

and fuck your bentover row.

dude…i so called dibs on coitus with her row.

[quote]shaunar25 wrote:

One-Arm DB Rows: 3 X 12 (45s, 50s, 55s) ----yeah, I’m a pussy at these right now but it’ll improve


No. Pussy = my one-arm DB rows with 35s. Well, on second thought we will only be pussies if we don’t improve this shit.

You look awesome and have totally the right body type to pull 350. I accept the fact that at my weight and body type, that number is…unlikely. Double my body weight would make me delirious with happiness!

welcome and ditto on so much of what has been said. you look freakin solid and your #'s rock. i too have an old ankle sprain, but it seems to have fully recovered. however, there is a heel spur in that foot and it really fucks with me.

i’m very interested in how the AD works out for you. i will be looking for a leaning out program in a couple months. looking forward to following your journey!

Good morning to all. It’s 9am and I know this because my cat Ayla wakes me up every f-ing morning by meowing and pawing at the door until I feed her. Its annoying as hell, but its hard to be mad at the “cutest little kitty ever” (said in baby talk, as always). Side note - I love my cat, I have had her since she was a kitten (almost 14 years) and she is so beautiful I regret not pimping her out to cat calenders.

Alrighty, on with the day. Today I start the “carb up” portion of the AD. Since I just started I have no real physical proof (and I will just say fuck weighing myself - I don’t it), but I feel amazing.

Monday-Friday: 1800-2000 kcal ----I know it’s a little low, but I’m working on overcoming my fear of eating more.
During these days I eat 60% fat/40% protein and 30-40 grams of net carbs.
Net carbs is where you deduct the grams of fiber from the total carbs and there you go, net carbs. I realize many of you may know what this is or this terminology, but please, just let me feel smart by explaining it:)

So, Sat and Sun are carb-up days where splits look like 60% carbs/ 25%fat/ 15% protein. Sounds awesome in my tummy, but honestly, I’m freakin out. I love how I feel and how it is starting to make me look, even in the first week, and I don’t want to fuck it up, but I know it is all part of the plan. I just know I will probably feel lethargic and bloated, etc. But I also know it is a learning experience. LIke a new movement, doing a PL meet for the first time, starting a new job (fingers crossed), moving in with the boyfriend (amazing), etc. Hypothetically these are all much scarier, so I know a little pasta bloat won’t kill me. It will just make me want to work harder and be stricter the next week.:slight_smile:

Today I go in for a full body exhaustion workout. Not clear what this means, and I’m fucking SORE from the past few days, so probably just go do some SS cardio and plyos.

More later!

here is the little angel (demon at 8am).

kimba - I really hope I can do it. btw, you don’t even know how crazymindblowingamazinglyawesome it is to hear that someone wants to be bigger and weigh more. It seems like the largest portion of my life, my muscular frame has been seen as a flaw, especially by those little fuckers when I was in junior high. Your avi pic looks crazy strong. I’m going to drop by your log:)

Funny enough, I just looked at this picture when it posted, and she seriously does look scary! She is actually really cute. I try to take some video of her crazy cat antics.

and another…I have no shame in totally being the cat lady.

She is cuddling with Howard.

Jesus I’m pathetic.

You might want to head over to the bodybuilding/powerlifting forums and teach some of the dudes how to lift. Holy shit that’s some great rowing.

wait no mirrors? how are you supposed to look at your hawt abz?

what a stupid gym.

That’s spectacular, and I look forward to following along and trying to imitate. Girlcrush? Oh yeah.

I did the AD over the summer and it was great and I didn’t get sick (so don’t get scared off by the warnings; not everybody gets the bad side effects.) Right now I’m not dieting down, because I’d like to gain a bit more muscle. I know what you mean about the assumption that girls should always be trying to get smaller, but goddamn it I want to lift more!

Did you have some athletic experience beforehand? Cause that’s really impressive for only one year of training.
(I’ve been training a year too, but I spent the first 20 years of my life doing nothing physical except for a little jogging. I envy people who had the sense to play sports when they were young.)

[quote]dejavued wrote:
CBear84 wrote:

and fuck your bentover row.

dude…i so called dibs on coitus with her row.


no, you just said you “love it.” I chose to get physical.

shauna, a bit of AD advice… said without knowing how clean you eat normally, or how clean your carbups are.

many of the ED twats on the other side of the pond have reported feeling like shit after even just one day of carbup, and go back for a second day. They report bloating, acheyness, and stomach/GI issues.

food isnt sposed to make you feel like shit, unless it’s the processed kind. the point? start slowly on your carbups, and aim for making them as clean as possible.

but what about that cheat meal everyone looks forward to? my best experience was a cheat meal (not day, not binge) in the middle of the week. I woke up leaner the next day, every. single. time. or at least, i looked and felt leaner. the weekend refeeds/carbups filled out my muscles, and I made sure to drink plenty of water with lime (to counteract the carbs tendency to make the bod acidic), and i was fine.

however, you may have an entirely different experience, and may already have a routine down. let us know how it goes.

and, i like your pussy. cat.

I’m not on the AD, but on a strict diet that includes a refeed once a week…I limit the fiber, which helps the bloaty feeling…also nothing heavily processed…bagels and pasta etc feel like lead in my tummy anyway…so I do potatos, rice and cereal…

Just a thought! :slight_smile:

Towards the new year I am going to ‘bulk,’ though. I’ve already been told I look ‘skinny.’ WHAT???! Me?! I guess it depends on what Im wearing.