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Shattering Records


Well, earlier in the year I remember reading Dave Tate's interview, probably done by Nate Green.

I recall him saying not to break records (PRs), but shatter them! This really stuck with me.

Shortly after I tested ALL my lifts, most notably pulling 365 for the first time, crushing my previous best of 315 (which I was using for heavy reps, not singles). This was at a weight of roughly 155.

This week I just started opening up the gates to squats an traditional deads again as I'd had a broken foot for the past month and decided to test my deadlift tonight. I was curious to see where it was since all summer, even during the broken foot stage, I'd been working my RDLs up PRETTY wildly.

So, previous best, 365, I kept piling on weights, hit 355, then 375, and the rest was gravy. My big goal to hit 405 was accomplished. My weight is just under 170 at the moment, and I felt awesome to crush my PR by 40lb, finally load the bar with the big 4, and kill it.

By the way, when I was doing 375, I thought about 405 in the distance and didn't think it was realistic that I'd be able to hit it tonight.

Any other recent stories or strong words that give you a new outlook?


Should have posted this is the strength IMO. Those are some pretty good strength gains.