Shattered Vial, Need Advice

After my injection yesterday, I accidentally dropped my vial on my tile floor and it shattered. I have 5 weeks until I receive my next shipment. OR, I can pay $115 to get a replacement bottle. Should I just ride it out for 5 weeks?

I’m 12 weeks on TRT and just starting to feel like I am getting dialed in and seeing some solid benefits. My first follow-up labs are tomorrow.

Take a picture of it if you haven’t if you haven’t cleaned it up yet and call your doctor and tell em what happened. Keep the broken vial if possible until you know if they’ll want to inspect it.

They may be able to help, the pharmacy may or you might be boned. You’ll just have to ask.

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If the picture idea doesn’t work, pay for the next bottle. I wouldn’t take a 5 week gap, esp only 12 weeks in

They already approved a replacement bottle. I just wasn’t sure if the $115 was worth it, and if the 5 weeks off would be that bad or not.

Consider the $115 you spent on the first bottle as a loss. Now when you bought that bottle did you go back and forth on if it was worth it or not? Probably not, right? This decision should be the same as that one. The fact you broke the first one is irrelevant. If it was worth the money then, and things haven’t changed (you could perhaps be considering dropping TRT, or you are broke), then it is worth the money for the replacement bottle. If you plan on continuing TRT, and have the money, it is would follow that the replacement is worth the money.

I would try to get an additional vial or two of test if you can. It can help with events like this or in the event of late ordering / slow shipping…


That’s actually a really good idea… hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!

They won’t prescribe you extra, so obtaining the extra bottle is tricky. Just throwing that out there to save you from getting the talk from your provider about how they can’t give out extra controlled substances.

I always get mine refilled on the first day I can. There’s always a little extra in the vials so over time you can build a bit of a safety net.

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