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Shatner's Rocket Man


(It really gets rolling at 0:50)


I actually have that track in my iTunes library.


Steely, you're starting to look like a white Prof X. BIG man!


I have this one on my Zune


LOL-- thanks!

I'm sure that's insulting to PX :wink:

Not quite there yet but eating right now......


Rocketman is wayout there,fucking crazy!
The common people version is better than the original
Shatner has balls.


Somebody had to post it...


i was thinking the same thing. You are a big forker. you should post a log or something...wait a minute...



They had a great Shatner montage on the Comedy Central Shatner Roast. If you missed it, check it out.


But, I... I have a..... waaaaaaaait-- I see what you did there.


That is absolute fucking GOLD! The way he smokes that cigarette, like he's contemplating its existence in the back of his head the whole time he's speaking, is classic.


The man was ice cold cool. It was like he molded Captain Kirk and T.J. Hooker into one being...wait what?


why is he climbing a mountain?


This is cool, but not as cool as Spock singing about Bilbo Baggins


Nearly mandatory:

If wanting to listen to only one selection, I'd start at 1:33. But it's also recommended from the start as well.

And while this second one doesn't have Shatner actually doing the vocal, it's an homage to his style and can stick in the mind in a strange way. It's better viewed way late at night -- 3 AM may be about the best time:

I would suggest starting at 0:41 to save time.