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Shatner Changed the World


Anybody check out the History Channel program "How William Shatner Changed the World". It was very entertaining.

Basic premise is that Shatner as Captain Kirk inspired generations of inventors to develop the devices and concepts they saw on Star Trek while growing up. Of course Shatner, tongue in cheek, takes full credit!

MRI's, Cell Phones, Ipod, PDA's., Ion propulsion, laser surgery etc. The guy who came up with the real player and mp3 player as well as the ipod lists Star Trek as his motivation. This same guy has a 3-d interactive game in development that is very similar to the holodeck in next generation. Based on his track record look for it soon.

Same for the Motorola Scientist who invented the cell phone. He said to some guys the "communicator, was a fantasy...to us it was a goal". And then they invesnted it!

From a social stanpoint Shatner claims to have performed the first inter-racial kiss on television thereby defying social sterotypes. (I remember he not only kissed a hot black girl but a smokin hot green girl too). They also had the idea to add crewmembers from Russia and China during the 60's which made a bold political statement.

Pretty entertaining program...who knew Shatner was behind all this.


I caught part of it. I will try to see the rest when the rerun it.

Gotta love Shatner!


Yeah, I TiVo'd it yesterday, going to watch tomorrow. SOME people have to work for a living ya know? :wink:

I do know the program was made by a Canadian production company and first shown in Canada -- I guess Canadians are pretty proud of the guy...

By the way, is over-acting and having a weird sense of sarcastic, self-parodying humor a requirement for Canadian actors? Think: Bill Shatner, Pam Anderson, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Michael J Fox... see a pattern?


I caught the last half of the show, it was pretty entertaining. Very tongue-in-cheek and some neat science in there as well.


A black officer would have been a stretch. A woman officer would have been a stretch. However, this was a Black Woman officer. Nobody ever expected such a thing back in those days. The cultural mix on the show was a HUGE statement.


Yes, we're taught this from the time we can walk!


Get Shatner's album, "Has Been". It is fucking great! Henry Rollins does a spoken word part on it.


I didn't know Michael J. Fox was from Canadia!!!!! They should tell you these things in school, damn it!


Pam gets them a lot of forgiveness!


Gene Roddenberry, creator and producer of the original Star Trek series, changed the world.

And yes, Shatner and Nichelle Nichols (Lt Uhuru) did perform the first inter-racial kiss on television. But off-screen, Roddenberry was the one sleeping with her. Definitely a T-man.


Tom Green is a Canadian too. Almost forgot about him.


Oh oh... look's like they are onto us...


I have only one thing to say:



It makes sense that Star Trek has so much influence on the world--think of who inventers, engineers, computer programmers, etc. are: GEEKS!

Why else do you think the Stealth Bomber looks like the BatPlane? :slight_smile:


As much as I liked Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, she was so much sexier as the green skinned girl that Kirk kissed.

She had it all, beauty, green skin, legs that could crush your skull and a homicidal killer. She is the perfect old school freak.


Yes, Gene Roddenberry changed the world.


Well I remember the communicator as this amazing impossible thing and now I see kids walking around with mobile phones just like it has always been there, it is just crazy. And remember those enormous bricks used as car phones?

But don't forget the shoe phone.

The inventors for CIA etc.. used to call up the makers of James Bond / Maxwell Smart and ask for ideas - I kid you not. They found the writers with their crazy ideas gave them good practical ideas.

Now it is damned hard to come up with a new gadget for James Bond that doesn't already exist.


I think they called it Shatner changed the world because most people don't know who Roddenberry is.


Neither of them could have done it without the other...


Ya, who could've thought those americans would ever be clever enough to figure that out?