Sharp Pain

Ok folks, I need your input once again. I’ve been starting to notice a sharp pain in my forearm when I release the weights. For instance, I just finished lifting biceps, and once I put the weight down after the curl is performed, while I’m opening my hand I feel a strong sharp pain shoot up my arm. It lasts about 5 seconds, and goes away. It comes back sometimes evenwhen I’m not lifting. I’ve had it before but not this bad, and it went away. Now it’s back and I don’t know why. Anyone have similar experience? IS this serious? Thanks again guys! -D

Try setting the weight down slowly and lightly. Also, very slowly and gradually release your grip from the bar; this should help.

Are you using a straight bar or S-bar? Straight bars hurt my wrists so I go with the latter.

I don’t know the cause of your pain, but I know what can help. Soak your arm in epsom salts and have you GF massage it a lot. Then ice. Then repeat…Most likely you just have to adjust your form to stop it from coming.

I think the pain started when I started using the straight bar preacher curl. And the standing straight bar curl. I used to only use dumbells for my biceps workout. But I did try releasing very slowly, and the pain is still very severe.

Yeah, it sounds serious. The pain is coming during “down” time and that indicates it might be an injury. I can’t tell what it is from your description. You’re in high-school, right? Talk to a coach and the local nurse. Combine their feedback and learn. It might just be tendonitis, but it might not be.

I had that a couple of months ago in both forearms. I quit doing cable upright rows with the curl bar attached and the pain went away.

You probably have forearm splints, similar to shin splints. You’re either lifting too heavy a weight, I assume curling too much, or doing too much volume with your bis and/or tris, once again, probably curling too many times/too often. If you don’t already do them, start doing deads to build up your grip strength. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but a good place to start.


You have tendonitis. Go to the search on this website and if possible see a ART therapist. I’ve got it too right where you describe it. It ain’t no fun.

Yep, it sounds like you have the same problem I had. Try using the S-bar (a.k.a.curl bar), lighten the load for a while, and try what D_END said plus some Motrin(anti-inflammatory/pain relief). The pain was mainly in my wrists, but also moved about half way up my forearm.