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Sharp Pain While Deadlifting

its my senior year in highschool and i run track. i’m a 400 and 800m runner and my relay buddy got me into the weight room for some deadlifting to supposubly make use faster. i got the technique he showed me down with training plates and moved up. later that week we talked to a coach and he said we should be deadlifting our body weight.

i moved up to 135lbs at 5 reps for 2 sets. on my second set i felt something tear/sharp ain/rip/hurt in the top 2 inches of my asscrack. now theres this little nobby circle thing there and i dont know what it is. anybody know and could help me out?

nobby circle thing huh?

do you use TP?

" tear/sharp ain/rip/hurt " usually means you should ask a Dr., not the forumz :wink:

hope you heal up man, deadlifts are awesome!