Sharp Pain on Medial Side of Knee

Today during zercher squats I noticed a sharp pain on the medial side of my knee. I also noticed the pain continued when squatting without weight at parallel and below depth. I also noticed a bit of warmth in the area.
I’ve never experienced this before with any type of squatting.

It’s been about five hours since the ordeal and there’s a tremendous amount of crepitis now when turning and a slight bit of pain when squatting fully (glutes to ankles).

Has anyone experienced this and what was the outcome?

Is the pain deep in the joint or is it a general pain on the medial aspect of the knee? From seated position, extend your leg like you were performing a leg extension. Do you feel the knee ‘catch’ on the way up?

Without knowing the above, the most common likelihood is you have some patellar tracking issues. Does the affected knee buckle in or do you shift your hips when the weight gets heavy? Dig your thumb into the affected leg’s vastus medialis muscle. Does is hurt like hell? How about the IT band or vastus lateralis?

Get yourself a foam roller if you don’t have one and begin to roll out the vastus medialis, IT band, vastus lateralis, adductors, and glutes. Also, ice the area over the medial knee joint and vastus medialis until the warmth your experiencing subsides (20 minutes several times a day for a few days should work well). Obviously avoid any movements that hurt until the pain subsides.