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Sharp Pain in Wrist with Curls


i can't seem to figure out what happened but everytime i use a barbell for reverse curls or for regular curls, a sharp pain shoots through my wrist making it too strained to lift, its been happening for about 3 months now and the only time i feel it is when doing those two exercises, or im doing front squats in which case it will hurt for a little while after.

does anyone know what could of happened or if i should get it checked out?


Do you get any pain in the forearms or just in the wrist ?


Many people have wrist problems curling with a BB, I personally have stopped using them since there are plenty of other great options out there.

As for front squats, those also kill my wrists, but you may want to try this:


Look at the picture under number 6 with the using the straps as handles. Right now its working great for me, although i wonder how well it holds up against higher weights.


thanks for the help that articale was pretty helpful for my front squats but its a pain that was recent cause ive been using the barbell for well over two years till this happened. So i cant see it as being something my body structure or range of mobility can't do.

also its a pain in the wrist that goes down the forearm too but it feels like its only one tendon or specific part.

haha 2nd post of two years being on here btw


What are your load and rep range on those?


i have the same problem on my right wrist.

i believe it could be the bicep tendon. I fucked uped my shoulder on the weekend playing football and me thinks it originated from my injury on heavy reverse curls.

i'm just letting it rest...since it has nothing to do with the muscle itself, you can't really do much except ice it???


Go to DB curls for a few weeks, worked out pretty well when this happened to me. As for front squats use the grip TBT4ver is talking about and you should be set.


Ditch the regular bar, use the EZ bar or DB's...

Just for emphasis :slight_smile:


Ive actually heard its because of the geometry of the bones in your forearm connecting to your wrist. Hurts some people but doesn't both others. Myself its been getting pretty bad lately as I'm going up in weight, the EZ bar used to cure it but now it doesn't matter.

Try different bars to try to alleviate the pain, otherwise get gloves with the wrist support, and wrap them, TIGHT, it helps a bit.


Sharp pain's a sure sign that you should check out the causes.
Where exactly does the sharp pain occur? Can you reproduce that kind of pain by carefully applying force on your hand while rotating it?

The more precise your description the better.