Sharp Pain in Right Scapula for Almost 2 Years

Hi, almost 2 years ago i did a top set of 5 (squat) and in the 4th rep i felt a sharp pain between the T spine and the right scapula, at first I thought that was a muscle tear so I didnt freak out but the pain didnt go away…
I went to a physical therapist and chiropractor and nothing helps… The pain also made lower back pain and heel pain (in both legs).
I dont know what to do, my life are literally hell beacuse of this ****!
Any one had this and have any idea what to do?
Thanks ans sorry for my bad english

What did they say/perscribe/do?

I’ve done the same thing(except I heard a pop, and didn’t get low back/heel pain)! I’ve come to believe it was a rhomboid injury, and rhomboid work seemed(haven’t had the issue since it healed) to help.

Do you have specific exercises that you did?

It would be good if you could get your doctor to refer you to a specialist, if it’s causing pain all the way down in your heel then it sounds like a nerve issue. You might have a pinched nerve in your upper back, or it could be a spinal injury that is irritating some nerves. And seeing as your lower back hurts, it’s possible that the source of the pain is actually in that area.

If you can’t get a doctor to help you and really have no idea what to do, it wouldn’t hurt trying Stuart McGill’s back rehab proctocols. He has a book called “Back Mechanic” that goes into detail on all aspects of this, but the basic idea is to avoid movements that irritate it further, go for a walk several times a day (walking helps with spinal injuries, he recommends 20-30 minutes 3x per day) and do the “McGill big 3” exercises every day. You can find instructions on how to perform those online, if you have more questions I can help with that. I can’t guarantee that this will help in the case that you don’t actually have a spinal injury, but it certainly won’t hurt either way. If I was in pain for 2 years I would try it out and see if it helps.

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Bat wings were what I was doing a good bit of when I started noticing improvement-pretty light with an extended, maximal contraction at the top. After experiencing the pop/pain two or three times while squatting, I also laid off of squatting and everything else that irritated the area for a month or so. Like I said, though…I didn’t have the lower back/heel pain. I would think that kind of pain could be caused either by compensating for your injury, or a nerve/spinal injury(like @chris_ottawa said above).