Sharp Pain in My Head During Workout

Ok guys, about two week ago, I started having this sharp pain on the left side of my head about an inch above my ear. It first started when I was doing my last set of back squats.

From then onwards, I have been getting sharp pains in the same area when I do seated dumbbell overhead presses / barbell bench presses / back squats, especially when I go over 8 reps on those exercises. The pain will start at the 5th rep of so and get much worse when I go over 8 reps. After the set, it will take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes for the pain to subside. Outside of the gym, I don’t get the pain on my head at all.

I just saw a doctor and he said that it was probably a pinched nerve. However, I did some reading up and it seems that pinched nerves occur mostly on areas that have been stressed. The pain is on the left side of my head (not the neck) and I’m pretty sure I didnt stress my head at all.

I was hoping that you guys would shed some light on this problem. I just want to get this thing over with asap.

tension headache? I was getting this on my last set on DL’s about 2 months ago. I forced myself to start breathing after after every rep. they went away.

here is a thread on them

Hi there

I had exactly the same problem like 10 years ago. Terrible, sharp pain at exactly the same place in my head.

The problem really was a pinched/irritaded nerve, and it came from back squatting. To be exact, I used to place the bar to high on my back. Maybe my traps were underdevelopped that time, too.

I stopped doing back squats for a while and switched to front squats and db split squats. Additionally, I took deep tissue massages twice a week for a month.
When I restarted doing back squats, I just worked on proper technique and used pretty rediculous weights in the beginning. No problems ever since.

Thanks for the replies guys. Anyway the doctor put me on medication, some vitamin B tablets and stuff. I’ll start messaging my left trap to see if it works