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Sharp Pain in Knee, Any Ideas?

Hey guys, so I was doing moderate front squats today after my deads, and, at the bottom of the 4th rep (2nd set), my right inner upper knee had a sharp pain. I think my form was good: knees out, 80% of weight on heels, atg. It hurts the most in the flexed (bent) position. Any ideas what it is?

Sounds like you strained or pulled or irritated your quad, or some tissue that connects your quad to your knee.

You hurt it in the bottom of a front squat, it hurts when your knee is bent. If you lengthen your thigh muscles, it hurts.

Sometimes when the weight is “moderate” I over emphasise parts of the lift. Is it possible you squatted too deep, with knees too far out, and weight too far back on your heels, trying to be “better than perfect” in your squat? Then you got Super Tension and pulled something?