Sharp Pain in Elbow


I just got into lifting a few months ago and I love it. It allows me forget about everything and just focus on self improvement.

I used to lift with my bro in high school but every time the golf season would come around I would quit. I felt the soreness messed with my game or I used it for a lame ass excuse one of the two. Now 6 years later I’ve reentered the lifting scene and cant get enough.

For now I’m just lifting in my basement trying to put on size and strength so I don’t look like such a pussy in the weight room. It was nice in the old days to have a lifting partner (my bro) someone who was experienced and could guide me on what I needed to do or if my form was off. I have enough free-weights for now but that is all I really have to work with. Any advise is appreciated. I have been watching video’s, reading articles, and been talking with a couple experienced lifters just to get my feet wet.

I already hit a minor bump in the road or at least I hope minor. I have sharp pain in my right elbow not only while lifting but when bending my arm. I iced it yesterday and am just trying to work through the pain. Is this the right thing to do is there anything else I should try like a brace or taping or something?

stop flaring your elbows so much, probably a better one for the med student to answer than me

Give it a little bit of rest. You didn’t state what caused the injury, what aggrevates it really, when it happened. rest it a little and see if it improves, and make sure you have good form.