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Sharp Pain from Squats

Today I was warming up to squat 405lbs. This wasn’t a PR, but it’s pretty significant for me. On my 315lbs warmup, I felt a slight pain kind of like a pinch in my right knee. I tried doing a bodyweight squat after, and it hurts a lot. Loading my knee beyond 90 degrees hurts a lot. The pain is on the outer side of my knee right above my kneecap. I truly appreciate any advice

Wait a few days and don’t do stuff that provokes pain. Hard to diagnose when pain is high and injury if one has occurred is fresh because everything hurts and is uncomfortable so lots of false positive tests.

When your ready you start cautiously moving again to test. May find it’s actually feeling pretty good. You can get guidance from a professional like a doctor or physio. Also plenty of resources online. I’d start with structures around the knee: muscles/tendons, ligaments, cartilage and common knee issues/presentations for lifters


I haven’t been very successful in figuring out what happened to my knee, but, I’m much better. I barley feel bodyweight squats in my knee at all, whereas when I made this thread it was immensely painful. I’m probably going to go to a doctor and or physio to try to figure out if it’s safe to get back to normal training soon

Sorry to hear it’s not too straight forward. Maybe browse some stuff in the mean time to stay sane

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