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Sharp Pain Below Pec When DLing

I know asking on the internet about stuff like this is often stupid and I should go see a doctor, but it’s really not anywhere near that serious yet and there are some pretty knowledgeable people here that I think can help me.

So today when attempting to deadlift, no matter how little weight, I had a sharp pain below my right pectoral when bending over at the end of a rep and descending the weight. Pic attached to illustrate where.

I’ve had the last few days. The pain is either non-existent or very dull when I am not lifting something in deadlifting-fashion, i.e squatting down and picking up people etc… Surprisingly however, all forms of row exercises went fine.

First thing I thought of was gall stones, but then the pain should be constant. Any ideas?

EDIT: Sorry for the double post, got 503 gateway errors all the time when posting.

Could be ribs compressing together and clicking.

I believe that i speak for most of us here when I say, when in doubt(or a lot of pain), take a week off.
And if you still immense unrecognizable pain, see a doc.

I’m not sure, but I have strained my pec from heavy DL’s.


[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
I’m not sure, but I have strained my pec from heavy DL’s.


It’s not the pec, it’s just below it.

It’s also only deadlifting… I can bench as heavy as I want, but once I get into deadlift position and try to lift something no matter how light it is, it hurts.