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Sharp Lower Back Pain After Deadlifts

So about 2 months ago I deadlifted more than I have had in the past, using the hex bar. I felt pain in my lower back but didn’t think about it much. The following days the pain was very sharp and painful, hurting to pick up objects, bend over, stand from laying, and especially deadlift.

I stopped deadlifting since then, and the pain got better over time. Although the pain diminished, I still felt it when stretching to touch my toes, and holding an L-sit position.
I could high bar deep squat without pain however, and I pushed it to the limit squatting a one rep max a few days ago. I got the max with clean form, no problem. I tried the same weight again a few minutes later, and I leaned forward and used way to much lower back on the way up. I noticed sharp lower back pain during the squat.

So basically for the last 5 days my lower back has been killing me. It hurts just as bad as it did 8 weeks ago, but now it hurts to bend forward and to lean back. It stings in addition to the sharp pain after using it. And the pain seems to be more on the left side of my lower back. Kicking my legs up while standing hurts too. It hurts to stand from a seated position on the floor without using my hands.

Any idea what this is or who I can see about it if it doesn’t get better? There is no shooting pain down my leg so I don’t think it’s a herniated disc. Could it be a pinched nerve? A strain?


I did the same thing a year ago. I never went to the doctor. Just rest a couple weeks then work 135 for 2 months. Then maybe 225 for a couple months if it feels good. In 9 months you will be pretty much normal again. I took the opportunity to get my squat up and realize my short arms mean that I should deadlift less volume and pull from blocks sometimes.

I pulled 415 for ten singles last week. A year ago I honestly believed I would never do that again. I never use the trap bar anymore since it was deciding to randomly throw it in that injured me. I think if you are used to either barbell or trap bar you should not just jump to the other without some ramp up training.

Thanks for the response. Was the pain located towards one side of your lower back at all?

Could be anything.

Sounds similar to my recent SI joint injury, although it could be something else. Wouldnt be a terrible idea to see a professional for an idea on an diagnosis as that may help with your recovery plans.


I had something similar, it was my hips not being properly aligned thereby pinching a nerve in the lower back, 2 times it was so bad I couldn’t walk with out extreme pain. Went to the doctor she prescribed me some lessons at a physiotherapist, it helped, physio gave me some exercises to do, to balance the lower back, they are the worst, so boring. I don’t do the exercises any more, but I do do yoga occasionally and it has helped stave off the problems.

If I where you I would still go see a doctor/physiotherapist since she did “pop” my hip back in to place to start with.

Do you experience any radiating pain or tingling in your butt or legs?
If you do then it’s probably a herniated disc, a heriniated disc can also only give pain as a symptom.
So if i were you i would stop with all exercises that puts alot of stress on your spine and that causes an anterior pelvic tilt untill you have seen a physiotherapist or orthopaedic.