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Shark Tank: Fight Club Body



Dig in.


Yep, getting big is easy as hell. The guys who are really lean and weigh 135lb are the really hard working ones.

ahahhahahahahahahha I don't like normal pants anyway, they are too small around the thigh and I don't like the feeling of my Gracilises rubbing together.


i beginning to regret that movie was ever made.


Or get addicted to meth.



Read, absorb, implement... and maybe one day you'll scratch the ceiling of mediocrity.




Anyone know where I can get me some CLOWN PANTS?!?

I like the part about training women to look like the Jessica's too. I wonder what exercises that doofus recommends for getting big, beautiful breasts?


That is a classic right there.

Sweet, I can't wait until I'm officially translucent!



This guy needs to start writing for T-Nation.


I don't even get pissed off at these people anymore. There's too many things wrong with this article that it's pointless to even get aggrivated.

He's an idiot, and the people that believe that article are idiots. I'll leave it at that.



What a fucking tool!

God I'm so sick of hearing about how Brad freaking Pitt has the "ideal" body. Bullshit, pure and simple. Watch the movie, he had little to NO Pec development, but he did have those Abs, didn't he ladies? :rolleyes:

This guy is dreaming if he thinks that "babes" at the gym check him out. Seriously.

Let's troll his website, by constantly linking Thib's and Waterbury's articles. XD


My exact stance.


HIIT 4-5 days a week sounds like fun...i swear >_>


I bet you if one of us was to bitch-slap him, he would cry....




Cool advice - always eat less calories than you burn off. Chicks only like dead guys.



His blog, it's been raided once by members of bb.com by the way, he has a filter that deletes posts w/ obscenities now because of that.

The blog is full of a lot of bodybuilder bashing and David Beckham praising, along with a lot of misinformation. Enjoy.


Magnate good job telling that clown how it is.

He is anti-bodybuilding, but isnt trying to get a hollywood body still fucking bodybuilding? What a cluster fuck and I he can suck my bosu balls.

He is the assclown you see in the gym inventing new exercises because the good ole lifts are too hard.

It cracks me up to read all the posters at his site defending him, they all forget that their hollywood idols are 5'4 and 125lbs but on a movie theater screen they look jacked.

Where can I buy some MC Hammer pants to lift in just to piss these tools off?


I haven't read all his articles but to play devil's advocate... This article is irrelevant to my goals but there's not much really wrong with it if his goals match yours. If you're working out strictly to get laid then his approach is a sound one, especially if you have a very slow metabolism like this guy must if he can maintain 185 lbs on 1800 calories a day.

Though the part about benching 405 for reps and having 20" arms being easy is obviously ridiculous.


Would anyone really be amazed at a guy squating 405 for reps? It's decent but it wouldn't look out of place in my gym.

The guy is trying to appeal to the average idiot and that's where the money is. I think the cigar, beer and James Bond trunks shot would turn even a rookie in the iron game away.