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Sharing the Same Side of the Booth


What do you all think of couples who share the same side of booth at restraunts? I don't mean at a crowded table, just a dinner for two.
I have always thought it is a little silly and makes a grown couple look childish.

Do most people share this opinion? Do I just think it is weird because it is something different from what I do?
Opinions will help solve an ongoing debate. Also, I am curious to hear from those in other countries. Thanks.


Funny thing...I just did this tonight when I was out with a chic. Even though we aren't really dating, I almost always do this especially with any chic I have a connection with. I think I am just a real physical person. I do how ever think I am a little off though and not quit normal. So...take my opion with a grain of salt but, for me this is a normal thing.


I sit on the same side of the booth with my girl.

I see no problems with it. And I really don't care if someone else does it or not. It wouldn't affect me either way.

Maybe you have issues with being close to someone (personal space issues, not touchy-feely). Or maybe you think you're too grown up to have fun, act like a kid and enjoy the simple things in life.


It's easier to look at their tits when you are sitting across the table from them. Plus my elbows usually go out pretty wide when I'm eating and I probably wouldn't score any points by elbowing her all through dinner.


We sit on opposite sides until after eating, then she comes over to sit next to me, it's much more comfortable not eating next to someone. I don't necessarily mind it though, not a huge deal.


Huge booth, same side. Small booth, opposite sides.


It's gay...Just kidding. I really don't have a problem with it. I figure the guy is just trying to score points to get some ass later. I personally don't do it because it doesn't give me enough room to eat my food. LOL



I never really thought about it, my wife sits across from me


I've always sat across but either way works for me. I like the idea of being across while eating and then sitting next to each other afterwards. I do need some space when I eat. :slight_smile:


Hmmm...I guess I would leave it up to her. I don't think I have ever sat on the same side with my girlfriend unless there were others with us. It's nice to make eye contact, and you can make fun of them and they can't hit you.

Now that I think about it, I'm gonna say it's kinda lame, I would probably make fun of a couple that sat together. Dinner is not the time to snuggle. You buncha Nancys!


Depends on the situation and the place. If it's a real informal date with my wife, casual place, then we'll sit beside each other. Nicer, more formal place, probably across.


Well I'm a big protein-filled teddy bear so I don't mind either way.....




They let Foopa sit in the booth?


Scratch that place off my "to eat at list".


I can tell that you guys handle this ALL WRONG.

Here's the deal ...

if you are a couple, i vote same side ... either you want to be together, or you don't

if you are dating, you gotta mix it up, same side sometimes, opposite others, predictability is boring ... now, the fun part, when sitting next to her, PURPOSELY sit too close, and when you bump her, just tell her to quit hitting you*


*this works extremely well if you can hit her breast with your elbow ... "seriously, keep your damn topside off my elbows! wtf!" ... be extra obnoxious ... don't just reach across the table to get the salt and pepper, reach through her to get it ... then kindly ask her is she would like any before you serve yourself ... damn i'm good


I fail to see the logic in why it would be "Silly or Childish". That's just plain silly.

Also I fail to see how the tits are more viewable from across a table instead of at her shoulder.


It depends on cleavage depth.

Personally I try to sit next to her or in a 45 degree angle, unless there's no table between us. It's necessary if you want to touch her properly.


I think you guys need to have sex before you go out for dinner.


I think they need to put all those people on an island somewhere by themselves....