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Sharing My Program, Calisthenics w/ GVT-esque Frame


Anatomy of it all

A- Main lift with 40X0 cadence (60 seconds rest)

B- explosive movement kept tight and fluid (60 seconds rest)

C1/C2 done as superset and done with 3020 cadence (as little rest as possible)

Diet is mostly focused towards hormones and keeping it simple. Eat smart, eat to build mass and keep off fat, and eat fun too. don't worry or complicate. simplify. Eggs, steak, bacon, sausage, veg, rice, water, black coffee....

cardio (come from five years of running hundred miles plus a week in cross country back ground now I don't run besides mile tests 5:30 on avg) consists of jump rope with 4lbs jump rope 5 sets of 200 reps hard as hell with as little rest as possible between sets on odd days, no cardio on even days. usually done as separate workout in morning or do both before breakfast with cardio as finisher.


Upper Body day on Monday Wednesday Friday
(A)10 sets 20 reps Monday, 15 Wednesday, 10 Friday diamond pushup

(B)10 sets 10 rep Monday, 8 rep Wednesday, 6 rep Friday plyometric pushup

(C1/2) 3 sets 12 onday, 8 Wednesday, 4 Friday chinup/wide pullup superset

Lower body day on Tuesday Thursday
(A)10 sets 20 reps squat

(B)10 sets 10 reps each leg jumping lunge

(C1/2) 3 sets 10 reps pistol each leg/15 reps hip bridges with heels dug in

train hard, run through this 6 weeks and youll be good or go longer and push harder. If you hate cardio then get rid of the jump rope. if ya don't like jump rope do ten sets of 20-40 meter hard arse sprints or do some fast laps in the pool or even walk. walking is fucking great. Every now and again I toss on my coyote jack n go for long rucks on slow days with full kit of food etc sitting around 35-55 lbs and put in work. you could do that and be good.

if you dont like the look of this then switch it up to instead of three upper days do three lower and two upper, or two each and get more rest days. take my shit and make it yours boyos. just go put in work


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