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Sharing Diets of Pros

First of all… Thanks for all of u guys here

I like to know bout diets of pros from the bodybuilding …even from amature… Sharing diets is great to have knowledge about that science…yes… Some diets cant work for us and can work for some guys… But its great to know… I collect some diet strategy of some pros(( i might be mistaken hope u correct if im wrong)) and here is it

Aktin diet… High protien and high fat low carb

Arnod, franco columbo … Frank zane for years… Tom platz for years… Samir bannout for years…((if there names guys hope u add))

The 60%carb and 25%protien and 15% fat
Menzter bros

Mike matarazzo… Steak only no veg and fruits…

While idolizing the best and looking for clues in their methods is cool, you need to do what works for you. Pick a calorie level and macro breakdown and stick to it for 1 month. Weigh yourself every Friday morning before you eat or drink.

Adjust calories and macros based on your results. This game is all about n=1. It doesn’t matter what worked for Sergio Oliva or any of the greats. What matters is what you can stick with and make work.

As you mentioned, what works for one won’t work for another, especially comparing yourself to the diet of a 200+ pound drug assisted bodybuilder. Some competitors do well on high carb, others need to do low carb, it really depends completely on the invidivual.

Personally, I can keep carbs relatively high most of my contest prep, with moderate protein and fats. Typically protein is around 1g per pound, fats are 25% of total cals and the rest is carbs. That’s a great template and you can tweak from there.

Clean foods are common across the board for any serious bodybuilder.

If you’d like to check out my prep log I was very detailed with food choices, macros and all the adjustments I made throughout. Rob’s 2017 Contest Prep Thread

Diet of an amateur.
The Dave Palumbo staple: three to four McD’s burger patties with one bun and fries.:grinning:

Pro Chris Duffy: Burger King addict. :muscle:t2:


Thank u so much guys for sharing…

That mean some of thier diets can be not good for us since some of them eat mc or bk…

Well… Well said u guys gave me good point wich its depand on what works for me and that is the key… So i will try till find the one works for me well

Again thanks for all of u guys

Thanks for that info bro…

Im doing 1800 cal

Higher carb meduim protien fat zero…

1800 cal a day… Since im fat guy …

When i was teen i trained at 14 till 23 and im off all my food was junk and i never care bout diet… Years thought me well how important diet is…so noy my body is funny i have muscle from back years but covered with MUCH fat esp on chest …

So in my diet i avoid fast carbs

And fruits just 5 a day coz it comtain fructos

My carb is oats and whole wheat patsa cooked for 5min…

…this week i will try lacto ovo vegtrian diet in same numbre of calorie and alsi carb more than protien

Any advice? Thank u guys

You need some fat. Zero fat means less testosterone sore joints and other problems.

If you’re vegetarian try olive oil, avocado, coconut, butter for starters.

… I will do it… Thanks alot bro

Thanks alot for share… Its kind of u

I’ve read tons on the “old time” guys, and remember just being shocked at how little human-tanks like Mike Mentzer and Tom Platz were eating going into a contest.


Hello bro

So how was they eating?? It be good if u share


Just surprisingly little food. I don’t have all my old books with me at the moment, but I was very shocked compared to even how much food I ate in my own past contest diets.