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Sharia Law on Hold... for Now.


I cannot believe this appeal was upheld!! where is the ACLU...where is our leader right now....oh yeah...he's in traveling to India and Indonesia..... kissing their ass.


The Leaders comments today:

"I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified," Obama said, adding that Islam is one of the world's great religions and people of all faiths need to treat one another with respect and mutual dignity.



Ok, the ruling to stop the implementation of sharia was put on hold. In other words, one of our judges thinks Sharia should be heard as a method of law.


imagine that.




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He's being satirical. What's funnier than that though is that you don't get it.


There was no need to rephrase what you said, it was easy to understand you the first time.

I know the fuck buddies over at Fox do a great job of passing stories around, so it's not surprising there isn't a shred of credible evidence to support this. But seriously man, you can't believe everything you watch on the television. Sharia Law becoming part of the justice system? That's absurd! The link you provided didn't even seem to create a clear picture of what's going on. This is all just a big fucking joke, and the punch line is that millions of Americans fall for stories like this every day.

New Question for thread: Why are Americans losing there minds?


you should ban Zeta Reticuli law ASAP.
they are already there.


GUESS what one of the most important jobs of being president is Foreign Policy which involves visiting them, how can you even insult the president for doing that is beyond me.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


If anything it shows that hes a terrible judge and should be removed. Non of this "banning Sharia Law" nonsense lol


I'm going to have to agree with this, It's almost like strawman satire. People can't disagree with the premise of the persons statement or idea, so they pretend they said something else or meant something else and than bash that down as if it was the origional statement makers logical next point.

You know what it's like when you take it away from politics? That person is the one who if you say, Wow been a pretty quiet Hurricane season thus far, we hardly had any big storms. Then they respond with thier witty satire, "Oh yea having less hurricanes to pummel the poor people in the tropics is such a terrible thing" As if that is what was said or where the person was going. I mean Optheta, you realize YOU ARE THAT PERSON, Right?

And this is all coming from arguably one of the heaviest users of sarcasm and satire on this message board. Me.



All of this is blown way out of proportion.

In the cases where Sharia is alowed to be part of a contract in Europe it is about private settlements of contratct violations.

You can agree to any set of rules when it comes to private contracts, including laws of other nations, UN trade law or you can simply ake up some rules.

Doesnt change that they still go to jail if they rape, pillage or murder.


The article that you linked stated that the decision based on Sharia law was promptly reversed by the appellate court, which typically rules on matters of law. In other words, the appellate court said Sharia law is not the law and can't be used by the trial court as part of its decision. I am sure there are some trial judge's out there who are stupid, have sexist ideas, and who misapply the law--I have seen plenty of them--but I see this fear of sharia law infiltrating our system as a fake or insignificant problem based on an outlier case--one that was promptly reversed on appeal. If there are cases where an appellate court upheld the application of sharia law in a case outside of a contract case--where parties are generally free to agree on the application of the law that applies--then I could see this being a bigger problem than I currently suspect it is.


"There" minds? Is this satirical?


Don't ban it. Just fire anyone that uses it? What kind of logic is that?


Ouch, ya got me chief, my apologies. I didn't know it was against the rules to make a single mild grammar mistake on the internet.