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Shared Storage Drives


Anyone got the 411 on a shared filing system (hard drive)like the Maxtor 300GB ?

This is for home use, but I would tie in up to 5 machines. It seems to make sense to have all video, music and pics in one place.

I am looking for speed, security, and wireless compatablity.

If I can avoid it I would like to avoid using a pc as a file server.


That's honestly what I would recommend... using external hard drives. If you don't want to go that route, there's the NSLU2 (Network storage link unit version 2). It allows you to hook up two external usb hard drives... you can even set it up so that one automatically backs up to the other. This is significantly cheaper (last time I checked) than buying the maxtor network drive, since you can get a cheaper external enclosure for your drive for only $15 or so, and put in any size IDE drive you like.


Use one CPU as a server. Having 5 computers access one HD through USB is going to be incredibly slow.


Not really, if you have USB2.0 drives. Of course, it depends on what he's doing... if he's trying to play movies on all five computers at once, then yes, it will be slow. On the other hand, USB2 should be able to support two movie streams and three more audio streams with bandwidth to spare. Keep in mind, most downloaded movies are only around 750MB... at an hour and a half long, that is extremely low bandwidth for streaming... obviously less than a MB/s.


If I went this route, would I be able to access thee drive with a wireless card?


Define "security," btw? Do you mean you want to be able to password protect directories, or have different user accounts able to access different parts of the drive? If not, security just boils down to how secure your home network is, in general.

also, most wireless routers have wired ports on them... the NSLU2 can be plugged into your wireless router, which gives it connectivity to anything on that network.


Everything connected to the home network is visible to everything else connected to the home network (generally speaking), regardless of whether it's connected wirelessly or not. Unless there's more to your question than I'm seeing, there should be no problem connecting to the share wirelessly.


I don't need any password protected files or individual user access. I just want it to be as safe as the rest of my network from hackers.

As far as video files, we are just talking about home movies of my kids, here.


Thanks for your input. I will probably go the NSLU2 route. I just wanted to ascertain the size of the headache that will come with the job.

I thought the Maxtor Drive was a bit pricey, you just confirmed that.