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Share Your Wisdom!

Lets share some bullets of knowledge or some truths you all have learned over the years. I’ll start:

  • king of all lifts is the conventional deadlift, NOT the squat(unless you have monkey arms)

  • if you want to look like a powerlifter, train like one, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, train like one, if you want to look like a professional athlete, good luck, those guy’s full time job is working their body. every nfl body-beautiful who shares his weight room routine in Men’s Health is not showing you all the field work and drills, etc. that he is doing the other 4 hours a day 6 days a week.

  • big overhead press IMHO is more impressive than a big bench press, but the guy with the (raw) big bench press is probably gonna look a lot more jacked than the guy with the big overhead press.

  • you should not be shrugging in the rack more weight than you can deadlift from the floor.

  • big backs are to strength athletes what big guns and pecs are to bodybuilders.

  • a MAN should be intelligent, assertive, and STRONG(physically and mentally)

  • unless you are a powerlifter or an olympic lifter, and/or you are NOT doing deadlifts, the front squat is a better movement for your legs than a back squat.

  • the best routine for you is the one you have not tried yet

  • everything works, but nothing works forever/all the time.

  • when you stop learning, you stop growing

  • you pay for the rest of your life what you do in your 20’s

thats it for me now. your turn!

Don’t train to failure.

  • Regardless of what your goals are you are probably not doing enough GPP.

  • Nothing is as “functional” as heavy farmer’s walks.

  • You cannot out lift poor eatting.

  • People are not going to understand why you care about lifting so much, just ignore them.

  • Deload

  • Deadlifting builds a big back better than anything.

  • Use whatever motivation you need to reach your goals.

  • You can work through pain but not an injury, be smart.

  • If you hate something you should probably do more of it.

keep them coming!

Many of your PR’s will occur on days you don’t feel like working out.

If you wait until you are hungry or thirsty you aren’t eating right.

Bench Pressing is a full body exercise.

If you can change your body for the better, you can change your life for the better.

Never lift half heartedly.

To progress, you must get out of your comfort zone.

Few things are as motivating as an attractive woman watching you lift. It might be sad but its true.

Some where out there a chinese girl is warming up with your max.

a happy wife is a happy life…

When it comes to lifting, I’m never as strong or smart as I thought I was…

There are only 6 exercises: Squat, Deadlift, Row, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Pullups. Everything else is a variation or combination of these. Do these and you will become awesome. Avoid doing them and you will drown in a pool of fail.

Nothing is more anabolic than food.

There is but one word for toning: masturbation.

It doesn’t matter what program you use or even that you don’t have ANY program at all. Pick up heavy stuff and eat/sleep enough to recover from it and you will become stronger - possibly even disturbingly so.

Nobody in the wider world gives two shits about your strength - so figure out for yourself why you’re doing this.

Log everything. Save your logs. Review them occasionally to see what’s working and what ain’t. (Dan John, paraphrased).

Only 3 lifts to do (not counting variations) Bench/Dead/Squat
Only 1 accesory lift (Row or Pull/Chin up)
Only go to failure when trying to test your maxes.
Rest more than you think.
Eat more.

if losing fat and leaning out is your goal…total body workouts are fine, but for strength and size, that is a poor choice.