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Share Your TRT Duration and Experiences


I want to know how long you people are kn TRT and what benefits and drawbacks you have while on TRT. This could be helpfull to lot of new guys who cane here and clear their perceptions about TRT.
Please do share your views.

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11 years here, added hCG and anastrozole one at a time in first year, giving me a good insight into related problems and a conviction that one should start with frequent injections and T+AI+hCG.

I have been watching what guys have going wrong for 10 years and all of the issues with doctors not knowing what they are doing the problems that follow. If doctors were good at this, there would be little need for forums like this one.

I do not see any drawbacks to TRT itself. Sometimes on needs to compensate for how an individual reacts and other health issues. We do see that so many guys here have low thyroid function, not optimal. The goals of TRT are to feel better and restore energy, lean tissue, libido, initiative etc. But we find a number of other health challenges that need to be addressed to restore vitality. When getting this holistic, things get rather fuzzy. For for guys without complicating factors, TRT can be like getting re-born.


Thanks for reply. I have myself seen man on TRT for 40 years and living normal life. But he has issues with it due to doctor negligence. Issues means he is not able to extract all benefits of TRT.


I’ve only been on TRT for 20 days.

50mg test cyp and .5mg Anastrozole every 3.5 days. Sunday nights and Thursday mornings.

250iu HCG EOD.

At first my sex drive and semen volume seemed to go way up. Sex drive is still kinda high. Haven’t seen much increase in energy/strength but I’m sure it’s because it’s only been 20 days. Im waiting until 30 days to get blood work and see where I’m at.

Few things I noticed.

  • Testes seem a little smaller than usual, maybe 250iu HCG EOD is not enough?

*The day of and the day after my test shot I feel good but come the 3rd day I feel pretty damn drained.

*Testes pain one time out of no where. Happened one more time while in bed with the girlfriend…

Suspecting a few things to explain what’s going on. Elevated E2, not enough HCG per injection, maybe T over metabolizer, or I just need to give it time? Like I said, waiting for 30 days to test TT, FT and E2 but does anyone here think I should just do it now? I inject Sunday nights and Thursday mornings so I’m thinking of going Tuesday afternoon (1.75 days after shot)?

HCG is EOD so does it matter if I took HCG the day before or that same day in regards to blood work?