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Share Your HOT-ROX Experience


Wasssup everyone,

I just received my first bottle of HOT-ROX Extreme. I just consumed one pill on an empty stomach and getting ready to go to the park for my 2 mile run.

I was just wondering if you guys will share your experience after taking HOT-ROX. Do you think it helped noticeably. Did anyone have to stop taking it because of any symptoms mentioned on the bottle or otherwise?
If it has worked for you, did you continue your normal program or changed anything (like do more cardio)?

Just curious to hear peoples HOT-ROX experience.

Thanks all.


Im currently half way through my second bottle, which means im about 6 weeks into my cut. I've seen GREAT results, however I have no idea if its because of supplementing with HOT-ROX. The one thing I can say for sure is, they help me keep to my diet (because I guess I want them to work). There are too many variables to decide if the HOT-ROX has helped. Like I said, they help keep on track (motivation, to not waste my money lol) which you can't beat, a solid diet.


Im debating whether to try the original or extreme...original i can get cheaper.



I have had a bottle of HOT-ROX for months now. Whenever I want to lose weight quickly (to prepare for a hard climb or whatever) I just take a couple pills a day for about a week and change my diet a bit and I can generally lose 5-6 pounds in a couple of weeks (sometimes it seems even shorter) by doing this. It makes me feel pretty good and I don't experience any side effects other than a spicy feeling/taste in my stomach/throat for a bit after consuming.


Extreme! Its the new improved = better


Im adding mass at the moment. However i read kiyoshi moody saying that HOT-ROX Extreme has helped him put on some size and keep fat down...

Im taking HOT-ROX Extreme at the moment and doing great at getting bigger and keeping fat gain non existent. Keeping calories pretty much perfect and diet super clean helps with keeping fat off while bulking.


A buddy of mine recently purchased it from a new Biotest retailer out there at an amazing cost that he had to try it. He told me that he felt a really warm feeling right after and super jacked the remainder of the night and the following day.

He wouldn't stop talking about it so much that I may have to buy it soon !


The original or Extreme?


Its actually a pretty damn good energy pill. I remember being fairly surprised at the punch it packed when I first got it, had to build up to the max dose over a month or so.

Its always hard to measure how well it actually burns fat because its nearly impossible to undergo the exact same condition twice.




HRX gives me terrible gas. What the hell is up with that?


HOT-ROX Extreme makes me burp raspberry flavor all day.

also i used an entire bottle and didn't notice any fat loss. but it worked great as an energy pill.

take it in the morning if you ever want to sleep again.


I used it for less then 3 months with some pretty great results. I lost allot of fat from my midsection. When I stopped taking it came back and then some. Quickly too, I have a whole bottle in my room but I don't want to use it for that reason.


My pee smells like HOT-ROX when I use it.

@ --X-- sounds like you used the HOT-ROX as a crutch, as opposed to a supplement. There should be no rebound. Sort out your diet.


Yeah well there is...


I have been using HOT-ROX for about 2 weeks now with good results I think.

The first few days were brutal, I felt like my blood was on fire and I had a hard time concentrating at work. After a few days the hot feeling calmed down and my concentration is back to normal.

I am doing a lite version of the V-Diet, I eat 2 solid meals a day but sub 400cal each.


How long do you guys stay on this stuff? Or should I ask, how long is it effective before receptor downgrade takes over?

Man, this stuff gives me radical heartburn! The only way to minimize it is to drink a ton of water with it, or take them with meals. Effective stuff all things considered.


C'mon dude, if you stopped taking it and a great amount of fat you lost came back it's due to your nutrition and activity or I should say inactivity. You said something similar about BETA-7 didn't you? Something about you couldn't move your arms once you stopped taking it or some such thing. I have never had experiences such as you describe with these products. Just seems odd.



No, I know the difference. People react to things differently. People die from tylenol. Does that seem odd to you? Diet pills in general suck. There is a rebound. All things being equal your metabolism is not going to be the same when your not on these stimulants. Beta alanine does exacerbate allergies and increase histamine.

Most of the stuff out there throws off your bodies natural balance in some way. Some people pay a price for that. Maybe you will at some point, Maybe not. But I have....


I'm on my 4th week of cutting using HOT-ROX Ex as a supplement.
If anything it certainly helps kill cravings. I can stick to my diet perfectly while supplementing with it. Which we all know hard work, discipline and a solid nutritional plan will give you results.

  • Plus I like thinking in the back of my head I have an edge with the HOT-ROX helps me really go all out in the gym