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Share Your Favorite Exercise for Each Body Part


Quads - high rep hack squat with a pause in the hole
Glutes - pause squat (used to be sumo deadlift back when I could do those)
Hamstrings - GHR with weight plate held behind the head
Abs - standing abs on pulldown machine
Chest - incline DB press
Delts - high rep partial DB swings (standing for lateral delt, face down on incline bench for posterior)
Biceps - regular old DB curls and hammer curls
Triceps - PJR extensions with an EZ curl bar
Traps - DB shrugs with 3 sec hold at the top
Lats - Meadows row and one-arm BB row
Awesomeness - strict standing press, deadlift


Chest - dumbbell bench, any angle really
Back - chest supported rows
Shoulders - raises of all kinds
Biceps - hammer curls
Triceps - PJRs
Quads - front squats
Hams - lying leg curls

  • Chest: Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
  • Back: Chin Ups, dumbbell row
  • Quads: Front Squat, goblet squat
  • Shoulders: seated Military Press, side laterals
  • Hams: Romanian Deadlift
  • Triceps: Incline Bench triceps extensions
  • Biceps: Spider curls, incline bench curls
  • abs: reverse Crunch, hanging leg raises


Quad: SSB, SSB lunge
Ham: SSB lunge, RLDLs both conventional and sumo
Glute: SSB lunge, GHR and GHR back raises with pause
Calf: nothing that’s probably why they’re so small
Bicep: pinwheel curls SS/w concentration curls
Triceps: neutral press, dips
Shoulder: Neutral press, BTN push press, koklov press, crucifix holds/walks, face pulls, neutral grip front raises
Chest: Decline bench, incline bench, dips
Upper back/trapezius: high pulls, cleans, face pulls, pull aparts
Mid Back/lats: paused rows, single arm cable rows, pull ups and chin ups
Low back: GHR, stones
Core: ab wheel, rotations, waiter walks, weighted carries


Quads: Barbell front squat
Hams: GHD
Core: Ankles to bar (Pike)
Chest: DB bench
Back: Barbell row
Tricep: V-Bar tricep push down
Bicep: Hammer curl
Shoulder: Barbell over head press



Chest: Slightly Narrow Grip Bench Press
(Compensating for shoulder, but chest is my one strong suit, never really needed to branch out, plus the extra tricep work does wonders)

Legs: Pause Squat
(I was the leg day skipper until I forced myself to do these, they taught me everything about form, and are good for getting me through plateaus consistently)

Upper Back: Cluster Pull Ups
(My form breaks down easily on pull ups, and these allow me to accumulate a lot of volume and stay explosive through all desired reps)

Lower Back/Glutes: Paused Deadlift
(I actually fucking hate these, but they recently blew me through a plateau, so I’m crediting a lot to them)

Shoulders: my shoulders are my biggest weak point, just been forcing pin press and OHP hoping to see results.

Core: Super Set Russian Twists/Dragon Flags m
(Honestly I just chase the burn on these, and this is the best route I’ve found for it)


Biceps: Cluster Dumbbell Curls
(Both arms, when failing start alternating, then focused half reps)

Triceps: Skullcrushers
(Keep arms 45 degrees between head and chest, and shred them)