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Share Your Favorite Cycle

What’s the most effective/fun cycle you have ever ran, and why?

This exact thread exists already. Looks identical to this one but with lots of replies.

Edit: plot twist is was YOU who started the other thread :joy:. I was a little off, it’s what’s your favorite compounds. So I guess it is a little different.

LOL that’s a plot twist alright. Imo the point of this thread is a bit different

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400mg test 400mg npp 400mg tren e a week does everything I need it to do. Only side I don’t sleep well cause I have to piss all the time.

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My first because it was on virgin receptors and the most effective being the first. Test plus dbol. My favorite after years of experience is test prop 300mg, mast prop 300mg and anavar.

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500 mg test week, 250 mg tren week, 25 mg anavar everyday. Test & tren ran for 12 weeks and anavar the last 5 weeks got me crazy shredded a few summers ago lol

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500 test, 30 epistane (first six weeks). Didn’t put on as much size as I should have (I didn’t eat enough), but it was great because I had zero sides and felt good.

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500mg cyp, 400mg deca, 75mg anadrol. My head was purple.

Best in terms of gains/look/strength was 1200 mg test decanoate, 900 mg EQ, 600 mg tren E per week, with 60 mg Var a day. I don’t run dosages like that for quite some years now. But it was a memorable one.

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I can’t see how that cycle wouldn’t produce great gains.

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LOL yup. You should see the cycles these guys do year round on another forum I infrequently read. Crazy high doses. Its full of mass monsters though that make the average guy here look small. If I were single with no kids I would give a massive cycle a go. But alas, my responsibilities hold me back. I gotta stay healthy and level headed.

I am a believer that to really get that definitely not natural look that high doses are required for most people (excluding people who have the potential to get a pro card).

I think guys with very little muscle running a 500 mg test cycle and gaining 20-30 lbs skews people’s perception of how well AAS work. There are guys out there that lose muscle while training hard, eating right and taking 500 mg per week of test (because they are very developed from high usage).

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Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who is a few years into this rollercoaster ride and I am punching up to 240 right now. (LEAN!)

It use to be test, tren and DHB. As far as doses, just depends on when it was.

NOW it’s my cruises. Again,keep in mind where I am in my development, I just love a nice simple 25mgs of test prop per day. I realize this is basically a low end cycle level dose but for me it is where I am not loosing anything and can just enjoy how good I feel. I actually end up getting some nice tone and odd definition development done during these cruises. It doesn’t seem to work so well when I cruise with test enanthate. It’s just something about that 25mg window that just has me feeling good and energized even if I try to push something in the gym. Really it’s the dose where I can keep some slow development going as I recover after the heavier wear and tear of a blast.

Testosterone is awesome!