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Share Your Biggest Mistakes

" There is no over training, only under eating."

I wish I had heard this years ago.

not recognizing that I was using too much tricep on chest pushes

and not starting to deadlift until i was 20

Doing the same weight and reps and low carb dieting through most of my newbie gains.

Thinking I was eating a TON of calories and that I was “eating all the time” when actually I was eating a ton of calories once a day and overall getting relatively few.

Buying any supplement that had “Weider” in the name…I mean how much quality can a sugar-filled weight gainer have if you end up having to give away free videos of horrible workout advice in order to con a kid into buying a tub?

Weight Gainer 4000, by the way for those than have never had the pleasure of trying it, would foam up and overflow your blender and had the pleasant scent of a wet dog smell. Fucking retched. Yay diabetes!!!

Definitely not keeping a track of my diet.

When I first started working out, I just thought I would eat some extra chicken, add a can of tuna, and just make a general effort to cut back on fat and carbs.

I honestly thought my diet was fine, for like a year! I finally logged onto fitday, just to confirm to myself that I actually didn’t need such a tool and that I was doing fine with my guestimates…

Let me tell you, it was a serious shock to see that my so called sensible diet was severely low in protein and high in carbs.

No wonder my progress was crap!

I would say keeping a close track on your exact nutritional intake is KEY, and realising that some supplementation is vital is also important.

I think you basically have to realise that a lot of time and effort has to be dedicated, outside of the gym, to your diet. I think that’s probably one area all begineers go wrong.



Eating the same way at 180 lbs as I did at 160 lbs, ie not going anywhere for a long time.

[quote]Digity wrote:
2lb Monkey wrote:
Using a smith machine to squat. The pain still haunts me.

A smith is my only option since my gym has no power rack. I’m mostly doing front squats on it.

Are certain types of squats more “okay” on a smith than others?[/quote]

I wouldn’t use the Smith exclusively unless I had no other choice, but I totally disagree with the bad wrap that piece of equipment gets. I will go so far as to say that even if given no other choice I COULD build a much better than average set of legs using only it for squats.

My biggest mistake was not eating enough leading to stagnation that I mistook for the end of my possible gains which subsequently killed my motivation to train and led to a disgraceful 13 year layoff.

Not pulling out…

40 sets for arms every other day, 0 sets for back or legs. Fortunately i figured out after 6 months that I wasn’t progressing, I now train shorter, rest longer, hit every muscle, and I’m more literate to my body.

Underestimating nutrition

not enough back work

Not concentrating on putting more weight on the bar/underestimating strength