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Share Techniques for Consuming More Fats


I've been racking up my fat intake lately. Damned hard work as oil keeps sliding off the food and staying on the plate.

Thought i'd post up my ideas and ask others for theirs.

So far:

Putting rice bran oil + spoonful of peanut butter in shakes
Frying up a bowl of mixed nuts for a pure nut meal (add spices etc)
Rice bran oil is cheap and flavourless! Stick it on/in everything


In England, you can buy a 200g pack of Tesco Value Salted Peanuts for 28p. 100g fat 50g protein and something like 1.2k calories. They're not fantastic quality, i think its something like 97% peanut and 3% of either palm or peanut oil, but if your looking for easy calories/fats and you live in the UK/there's something similar where you live, they're the shit. The only issue is the high salt content, which for 200g is something like 24% of your RDA. Obviously RDA tends to be bullshit but still, it's alot of salt.


could you wash them to remove some of the salt?


oil on a spoon is easy enough....doesn't taste good though.


Put avocado in a salad with tuna fish on top and some olive oil and vingar.


You're just looking for fat/fat calories right?

macadamia nuts
full fat cheese
heavy whipping cream
full fat salad dressing
mayonaise (NM its really only healthy if its homemade)
Nut Butters (um cashew yum)
Coconut Oil. Melt a tablespoon or more in your coffee
Fatty cuts of beef
Chicken w/SKIN


This and also mix guacamole and tuna fish instead of mayo. Sounds gross but I find it to be strangely delicious. Easy way to pound a good amount of protein and good fats.


almonds. high protein, fiber, fat, calories. EAT EM


Everything inna blender!